10 Playlist Curators to Submit Music

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital music, getting your tracks in front of new listeners can be a daunting challenge for emerging artists. One of the most effective ways to boost your music’s visibility and grow your fanbase is through playlist placement. However, with millions of playlists available across various streaming platforms, it can be difficult to know where to start.

This article aims to simplify your journey by highlighting the 10 best playlist curators to submit your music to. We’ll explore a diverse range of platforms, from free submission services to paid promotion tools, each offering unique opportunities to get your tracks on popular playlists. 

1. Playlist Curator

Playlist Curator (playlistcurator.org) is one of the most prominent online playlist curators, offering a wide range of carefully curated playlists across various themes and moods. They distribute their playlists on their website and major streaming platforms, including YouTube Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Playlist Curator aims to feature popular and new songs that their listeners will enjoy, covering genres from mainstream hits to indie gems.

Playlist Curator offers a straightforward submission process for artists looking to get their music featured on their playlists. To submit a track to Playlist Curator, artists need to fill out a form on the website, providing details about their music. The platform encourages submissions for various themed playlists, such as “Songs About True Love,” “Songs About Soulmates,” and “Songs About Trust And Honesty,” among others.

Once an artist submits their music, Playlist Curator’s team carefully listens to each submission. They use strict criteria to assess the tracks, ensuring they align with the theme of their playlists and meet their quality standards. This rigorous selection process helps maintain the high quality of their curated playlists, which is crucial for their listeners’ experience.

For music fans, Playlist Curator offers the option to create an account on their website. This feature allows users to bookmark their favorite playlists and access them easily for future listening. This user-friendly approach enhances the overall experience for both artists and listeners, making it easier to discover and enjoy new music across various themes and moods.

2. Indiemono

Indiemono is a Spanish-based independent music curator known for its extensive collection of Spotify playlists. It focuses on promoting indie bands and artists, offering a platform for new talent to gain exposure.

Indiemono provides a free submission system where artists can submit their music for consideration. The process involves filling out a form that categorizes the music by genre or mood. Once submitted, the music is reviewed and, if selected, added to one of their playlists. Indiemono emphasizes that it does not sell placements and maintains a high standard of curation to ensure quality and relevance. They also offer a Patreon-based submission system for faster review times, but this does not guarantee placement.

3. MySphera

MySphera is a music promotion platform that connects artists with a network of over 3,000 playlist curators, bloggers, influencers, and digital creators. It aims to help artists reach new audiences through playlist placements and social media features.

Artists submit their music through MySphera’s platform, where it is analyzed and matched with relevant tastemakers based on genre and style. The platform offers different pricing plans, starting from $19.99 per track, which includes features on Spotify playlists and social media. MySphera guarantees a minimum reach and provides weekly updates on the campaign’s progress. If no features are secured, they offer a money-back guarantee. This structured approach ensures that artists receive targeted exposure and valuable feedback.

4. SoundCampaign

SoundCampaign is a music promotion service designed to help independent artists get their music featured on Spotify playlists. It connects artists with a network of playlist curators and provides feedback to help improve their tracks.

Artists start by creating a campaign on SoundCampaign’s platform, selecting genres and setting a budget. The minimum campaign cost is around $80, which can reach up to six curators. The platform matches the music with suitable playlists and curators review the tracks, providing feedback. SoundCampaign ensures transparency and compliance with Spotify policies, compensating curators for their reviews rather than for placements. This method helps maintain the integrity of the playlists and provides artists with genuine exposure.

5. SongRocket

SongRocket is a platform that facilitates the discovery of new music by connecting artists with playlist curators, bloggers, and record label A&R representatives. It aims to make the music submission process simple and effective.

Artists submit their music to SongRocket, which then distributes the tracks to relevant curators based on genre and style. Curators review the submissions and decide whether to include the tracks in their playlists. SongRocket offers a user-friendly interface and supports both artists and curators by providing tools for efficient music discovery and promotion. The platform emphasizes the importance of unique and high-quality music to stand out in the competitive landscape.

6. SubmitHub

SubmitHub is a well-known music submission platform that connects artists with a wide range of curators, including bloggers, playlist owners, and influencers. It was founded by music blogger Jason Grishkoff to streamline the process of getting music heard by the right people.

Artists use SubmitHub to send their music to curators by purchasing credits. Standard credits are free, while premium credits, which guarantee a response within 48 hours, start at $6 for five credits. Curators listen to at least 20 seconds of each submission and provide feedback if they decide not to feature the track. The platform’s genre matching system helps ensure that music is sent to curators who are likely to appreciate it. SubmitHub’s transparency and structured feedback process make it a popular choice for independent artists looking to gain exposure.

7. Tunemunk

Tunemunk is a free platform that connects artists with Spotify playlist curators across various genres. It aims to help independent musicians gain exposure while allowing curators to grow their playlist followings.

Artists can browse Tunemunk’s extensive database of playlists categorized by genre. To submit a track, you must first follow the curator’s Spotify playlist and Tunemunk’s Spotify account. Once you’ve done this, you can fill out a submission form with your track details. Curators receive notifications of new submissions and can choose whether to add tracks to their playlists. Tunemunk’s system is designed to be mutually beneficial – artists get potential playlist placements, while curators grow their follower base through the mandatory follow requirement.

8. Rizing Playlists

Rizing Playlists is an independent playlist brand launched in 2018 that supports unsigned and upcoming musicians through playlists, PR, and social media promotion. They curate playlists across multiple streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and YouTube Music.

Artists can submit their music directly to Rizing Playlists for consideration. The platform focuses on discovering and promoting talented artists across various genres. Rizing Playlists evaluates submissions based on quality and fit with their existing playlists. If selected, your track may be added to one or more of their curated playlists, potentially exposing your music to thousands of new listeners. They also offer additional promotional support through their social media channels for selected artists.

9. iMusician

iMusician is a digital music distribution service that also offers playlist pitching as part of its suite of tools for independent artists. They provide opportunities for artists to submit their music to various playlists curated by iMusician and other partners.

As an iMusician user, you can submit your tracks to their curated playlists for free. The platform has a network of playlist curators across different genres. To submit, you typically need to provide details about your track, including genre, mood, and any notable achievements. iMusician’s team then reviews submissions and matches them with appropriate playlists. If selected, your track will be added to relevant playlists, potentially increasing your visibility and streams. iMusician also provides analytics to help you track the performance of your music across different playlists.

10. Daily Playlists

Daily Playlists is a music promotion platform that connects artists with playlist curators. It offers both free and paid submission options, allowing artists to pitch their music to thousands of curators across various genres.

To use Daily Playlists, artists first need to create an account and connect their Spotify profile. You can then search for playlists that match your genre and submit your tracks. The platform offers two types of credits: Standard (free) and Premium (paid). With Standard credits, you can submit to a limited number of playlists, while Premium credits allow for more submissions and guarantee feedback from curators. Curators review submissions and decide whether to add tracks to their playlists. Daily Playlists also provides tools for tracking your submissions and analyzing the performance of your music on different playlists.

Playlist Push

Playlist Push is a paid service that connects artists with playlist curators. It focuses on helping independent artists get their music on popular Spotify playlists, offering a more targeted approach to playlist promotion.

To use Playlist Push, artists need to apply and have their music reviewed for quality. If accepted, you can create a campaign for your track, specifying your target genre and audience. Playlist Push then matches your track with relevant curators in their network. Curators listen to your music and provide feedback, deciding whether to add it to their playlists. The platform offers detailed analytics on your campaign’s performance, including the number of playlist adds, streams generated, and curator feedback. Playlist Push uses a pay-per-campaign model, with prices varying based on the genre and campaign duration.

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