11 Ways to Style an Oversized Jacket

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1. Belt It Up: One of the simplest ways to style an oversized jacket is by cinching it at the waist with a stylish belt. Choose a bold, statement-making belt for added flair and to help define your figure.

2. Layer it Over a Dress: There’s nothing more chic and effortless than pairing an oversized jacket with a cute dress. Channel those laid-back vibes by adding your oversized piece to a flowy dress or even a fitted bodycon.

3. Slouchy Boots: For added style points, pair your oversized jacket with a cute pair of slouchy boots. Be it knee-high or ankle-skimming, this styling trick will elevate your ensemble and give it an extra edge.

4. Pair with Skinny Jeans: Balance the bulkiness of your oversized jacket by teaming it up with slim-fitting jeans. This will create harmony in your outfit and make you look even more polished.

5. Experiment with Silhouettes: Play with asymmetry and different silhouettes under your jacket for added visual interest. Combine it with an A-line skirt, flared pants, or even a maxi dress for a fun and fashion-forward look.

6. Over-the-Shoulder Look: For those days when you’re feeling too cool for school, simply drape your oversized jacket over your shoulders as if it were a cape. This stylish yet practical approach works best with blazers or trench coats.

7. Coordinate Colors: Add cohesion to your outfit by choosing pieces in the same color family as your jacket. For example, pairing a pastel pink coat with blush-toned accessories will instantly create a harmonious look.

8. Double Denim Trend: Rock the double denim trend by styling your oversized denim jacket with denim jeans or shorts in contrasting shades or washes – think light wash on top and dark wash on the bottom, or vice versa.

9. Accessorize Well: Accessories can make or break a look, so ensure that your choice of jewelry, scarves, and bags complements your oversized jacket. Experiment with statement necklaces, colorful scarves, or oversized sunglasses to up the style ante.

10. Pair with Wide-Legged Pants: If you’re feeling daring, opt to match your oversized jacket with wide-legged pants for an entirely bold silhouette. Ensure that your top is more fitted under your jacket to avoid looking too baggy all over.

11. Show Off Your Collar: Change up the look of your oversized jacket by folding down the collar to create a lapel effect or popping it up for added flair. You can even layer with turtleneck sweaters or scarves that peek out from beneath the collar for added depth.

In conclusion, styling an oversized jacket can be versatile and fun. With these 11 different ways to wear your oversized outerwear, you’ll never get bored of your wardrobe again!

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