As we all know that iPhone are most trending these days. And because we are aware these phones are amongst the good price segments. There are chances that you might face some technical glitches over the period of usage or even have chance to get physical damages to the iPhone. As iPhone have tough build quality, they usually do not get easily damaged, but any way a gadget is a gadget!!

We observed that there are some general issues that customers face during the visit to get iPhone repair in Las Vegas.  

Black screen issue: Sometimes the phone screens stop responding. It looks as if the phone is not working. this usually happens with old phones. There could be two reasons why the issue first is that the phone software is not upgraded. There are some bug fixes that brands provide to us from time to time as per our device. However, as per the age of the phone increase, updates and bug fixes are limited. Secondly, it is likely that some sensors have stopped responding. 

  1. Screen discoloration: Screen discoloration is also a very common issue with any mobile phone. During the iPhone usage, there might be green or red flashes or even some vertical/ horizontal line on the display screen. The reason for this kind of discoloration is due to the external pressure on the display screen. Internal IC and some minute circuit braking causes line and discoloration. Please do not get confused with the screen discoloration and colour invert feature provided on the iPhone. You can enable and disable this feature from the settings provided on your phone. 
  2. Physical damage to screen: iPhone is now dearest to everyone. You carry them everywhere you can! even the washroom to bed when you slip in to sleep while using your iPhone. So, you might have dropped the phone here and there sometime. Getting the damage on the screen is very normal. In case mistakenly you have damaged the screen, it’s best to use the phone once you replace the broken screen. Please ensure the you are replacing the screen with genuine displays only. 
  3. Device overheating: This is another issue iPhone users have come across. Whenever you are trying to charge your iPhone, the back part of the phone tends to get hotter. Also, during the call or while playing games, the phone shows signs of overheating. This might be because of lithium battery not properly charging the device. Keep your phone clean and tidy. Free from dirt and dust as sometimes due to dirty charging ports also becomes the cause of iPhone overheating. We also suggest that you keep your iPhone away from any woollen clothes or fabric while charging your phone. As you know, the fabrics act as insulators, they usually create resistance to heat. So it might overheat your phone. We also suggest using the charging cables that come with your Apple device. If still the problem persists, please visit the Apple Store or any nearby repair centre to get your phone’s battery replaced.
  4. Battery draining issue: You must have observed that after charging the phone for hours or overnight, the battery only performs for just a few hours. The reason could be the phones battery is not adequately performing. Lithium is main chemical used in mobile batteries. Over the period of time there are high chance that battery stops taking the charge as it used to do. It shows that it’s high time that you need to replace your battery. 
  5. Slow Battery charging: Sometimes due to the old worn-out cable the voltage of the charger reduces.  It is also responsible for poor charging. With usage, the protection layer over the charging cables wears out from the ends. Due to this, the cable loses the quality of charging. If this issue is occurring with your iPhone, it’s time to change your cable. This is also true for all compatible cables. One more concern might be the charging socket and current supply at your home. In case there are any low voltage supply in your home or any kind of fluctuation, it is not recommended to charge your iPhone until the voltage supply get normal. 
  6. Bent in iPhone body: Usually iPhones have sturdy metal body. This metal case protects the internal parts and fine circuits safely. But in the worst-case scenario, this metal body also gets dents. Please visit the nearest repair centre. Best solution is to get the metal body replaced by a nearby repair centre. 
  7. Water Damage: This is the most common customer issue. iPhone slipped into the water or got into beach with phone in pocket. Phone slipped into the pool while posing for selfies or any other case. Once your phone gets expose into water. Please switch of the iPhone and allow the phone to get completely dry. You can use blow dryers or in the absence of dryer, you keep it in sun for some time. Once the phone dries out completely only then turn on the phone. If the phone has stopped working. Please take the phone to highly skilled technician for good diagnoses and repair work.
  8. Dead iPhone: if this kind of issues are occurring with your device then your iPhone might be dead. Sometimes even after charging the device for hours still the phone remains dead. Yes, the reason could be software issue and hardware issue. In case you are facing software issue, the doing a hard reset will be helpful. Hard reset will not erase and data of your iPhone. It will only restart your phone. The technique is by pressing volume up button and power button together for few seconds. This will force a restart the device and within few seconds your phone will start working normal. If after following the steps for hard reset still the iPhone does not respond, then there are good chances that your gadget has some hardware issue. Best advice is taking showing the phone to professional person. 
  9. Home button not working: Although in the latest iPhones, Apple do not provide the feature of home buttons. But in past few series, like in iPhone 5 or iPhone 8, apple has provided the home button for navigation. After a while, the home button stops functioning. Generally, Apple iPhone finger impressions to unlock the phone. But once the button stops responding it gets difficult to unlock the iPhone. When this type of issue occurs, the technician will replace the old home button with the new one.
  10. Volume buttons are not responding: iPhone have two button to control the volume. These two buttons are provided to increase and decrease volume. In almost all devices, you will find these buttons on the left side of the phone. Due to over usage of the phone, there are possibilities that buttons might get tough to click and not function smoothly. We recommend cleaning the buttons gently with a brush. Sometime buttons are not performing properly due to dirt and debris. In case after the cleaning also buttons are not easily clickable then please visit the nearby phone diagnoses centre. 
  11. Silent buttons not working: Silent button is a unique feature provide only by Apple. This feature makes users life so easy and hassle free. Simple by sliding the button down the phone goes on silent mode. Isn’t that wonderful. but yes, as device is a device, any feature can give up any day. so, in case on sliding the button upwards, remove the phone from silent feature – if this is not happening with your iPhone then we suggest going to professional who can fix this issue. 
  12. Charging port Not working: Again, a very common issue with iPhone users. the most common reason of the changing port is not working might be the dirt or water exposure to the phone. as most of the Apple iPhone comes with lightening charging port, it is easy that dirt or water can reach the charging port. anyway, the solution to this issue it so cleans the charging port with a soft brush. In case the port is not working due to moistures exposure, the phone needs charging port replacement. 
  13. Speaker and Mic are not working: Rarely speaker and mic have issue with iPhone. but since the Phone is not God! it is possible that the issue can occur with speaker and mic. yes, the mic port is very minute so there are great chance that dust and debris has block the hole. Please try to clean the mic with brush. This will clean the mic hole. in case you are still face the same issue getting the phone thoroughly cleaned by iPhone professionals is the only option. Concerning Speakers, over the period, the speaker quality might deteriorate, and the speaker might sound like ripped sound. well, if this is the case, please get the speaker replaced. but if the sound of the speakers is lower than usual, cleaning the phone might be helpful. 

These are some general iPhone issues that any iPhone device user can come across. Taking good care of your phone is a very good habit that we all must practice.  You should always find a trusted professional, who can sincerely diagnose the issues. It is advisable to use genuine spare parts and accessories to get a smooth performance of your device.   

we collected this data from the senor phone, Best iphone repair in Las vegas.

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