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Amanda Kate Lambert is described as a multi-talented individual with diverse artistic pursuits. Her contributions include photography, writing, and art. She is noted for her significant involvement in creating the limited edition “SINATRA” book, which she co-authored with Robin Morgan. This book is a tribute to her legendary grandfather, Frank Sinatra, and is dedicated to him on his 100th birth anniversary. The book showcases her creative expression through fine arts photography.

Amanda Kate Lambert Biography

Amanda Kate Lambert, born on March 17, 1976, is a distinguished figure in the world of art and photography. Hailing from the iconic Sinatra family, Amanda’s journey is shaped by the indelible influence of her legendary grandfather, Frank Sinatra. Her early exposure to the arts, coupled with a mixed ethnicity and American nationality, laid the groundwork for her multifaceted talents. Amanda’s poignant tribute to her grandfather through the limited edition “SINATRA” book, co-authored with Robin Morgan, encapsulates the depth of her creative expression.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Amanda’s personal life, including her marriage to Michael Erlinger and the joy of parenthood, reflects a harmonious blend of family values and artistic passion. With a legacy enriched by her parents, Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert, Amanda Kate Lambert stands as a testament to the enduring power of creativity within the rich tapestry of the Sinatra family’s heritage.

Early Life and Family Background

Born in the United States, Amanda Kate Lambert’s entrance into the world on March 17, 1976, marked the beginning of a life immersed in creativity. As a Pisces, her fiery and independent nature aligned seamlessly with her passionate pursuit of the arts.

Amanda, with mixed ethnicity, embraced her American nationality. The fusion of diverse cultural influences added a unique dimension to her identity, reflected in her artistic expressions.

Being an integral part of the esteemed Sinatra family, Amanda Kate Lambert’s life has been intricately woven with the threads of creativity and talent. Her connection with the Sinatras extends beyond blood ties; it’s a shared journey of artistic exploration and expression.

The Sinatra legacy has been a guiding force in Amanda’s artistic pursuits. The creative genes passed down through generations have shaped her into the multi-talented individual she is today, standing at the intersection of family heritage and personal passion.

Parents: Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert

Nancy Sinatra, born on June 8, 1940, in Jersey City, USA, is a celebrated American singer and actress. Her iconic hits like “These Boots Are Made for Walkin‘” and “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” in the 1960s established her as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Amanda’s father, Hugh Lambert, born on June 29, 1929, in New York City, was a notable American talent manager and producer. His influence extended beyond the professional realm, shaping the artistic legacy of his daughters.

From Nancy’s musical prowess to Hugh’s managerial acumen, Amanda Kate Lambert inherited a profound artistic legacy. Their impact laid the foundation for her journey as a gifted photographer, writer, and artist.

Loss and Transition: Hugh Lambert’s Passing

At the tender age of 9, in 1985, Amanda faced the tragic loss of her father, Hugh Lambert, who succumbed to cancer at 55. This pivotal moment marked a turning point in the Lambert family’s life.

Nancy Sinatra, a pillar of strength, chose the path of single motherhood after Hugh’s passing. Her unwavering dedication to raising her two daughters, Amanda and AJ, defined resilience in the face of adversity.

Amanda’s formative years saw a significant transition as the family moved to Beverly Hills when she was 12. Despite the drastic change, both Amanda and her sister, AJ, adapted seamlessly, a testament to the strength of familial bonds.

Grandfather: Frank Sinatra

Amanda Kate Lambert’s grandfather, Frank Sinatra, needs no introduction. An iconic American singer and actor, he left an indelible mark on the 20th-century entertainment landscape with his velvety voice and captivating performances.

Amanda shared a special bond with Frank Sinatra, a relationship that transcended the typical grandfather-granddaughter dynamic. His influence, both as a musical legend and a hobbyist painter, became the cornerstone of Amanda’s artistic journey.

Frank Sinatra’s impact on Amanda’s life goes beyond genetics. He not only shaped her creative instincts but also imparted painting techniques and photography skills in his Palm Springs art studio, instilling a love for the arts that would become a defining aspect of Amanda’s identity.

Creative Pursuits: Art, Painting, and Photography

From a young age, Amanda Kate Lambert displayed a keen interest in art and painting. This passion led her to pursue studies in art history and fine art, with a specific focus on painting and photography.

Amanda’s journey as a visual artist and photographer has earned her recognition not just nationally but also internationally. Her artwork reflects a unique blend of beauty, depth, and emotion, showcasing her innate talent for composition and attention to detail.

Sintara Book Project

Amanda Lambert’s tribute to her grandfather took a tangible form in collaboration with Robin Morgan. The “SINATRA” book became a labor of love, capturing the essence of Frank Sinatra’s legacy through the lens of fine arts photography.

Published in limited edition, the “SINATRA” book stands as a testament to Amanda’s creative prowess. Dedicated to Frank Sinatra on his 100th birth anniversary, the book encapsulates the family’s collective inspiration and artistic expression.

With only 1000 copies in existence, the “SINATRA” book became an exclusive masterpiece, a collector’s item that celebrated the Sinatra legacy in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant manner.

Sibling: AJ Lambert

Amanda Kate Lambert is not the sole torchbearer of the family’s creative legacy. Her sister, AJ Lambert, born on May 22, 1974, has carved her path in music, enriching the family’s artistic heritage.

Originally known for her role as a bassist in various bands, AJ Lambert transitioned into a successful solo career. Albums like “Dirt Soda” and “Careful You” showcase her soulful vocals and versatile musical style, proving that talent runs deep in the Lambert lineage.

AJ Lambert’s journey in music contributes to the continuation of the family’s creative legacy. With each note, she adds a new chapter to the musical heritage passed down through generations.

Personal Life: Marriage to Michael Erlinger

Amanda Kate Lambert’s personal life took a significant turn when she met Michael Erlinger at the age of 19. What began as a chance encounter soon blossomed into a deep connection, a friendship that laid the foundation for a lifelong partnership.

As Amanda pursued her artistic endeavors, Michael emerged as a constant source of support. Their love story evolved, and Michael became not just a best friend but the love of Amanda’s life, standing by her side as she navigated the complexities of art and family.

The love shared by Amanda and Michael culminated in parenthood. Today, they proudly raise their child, embracing the joys and challenges of family life. Their journey serves as an inspiration, showcasing the harmonious blend of personal and artistic fulfillment.

Amanda Kate Lambert Net Worth

Amanda Kate Lambert’s career as a professional photographer and artist has not only earned her recognition but also financial success. Her contributions to the art world have carved a niche, and her work speaks volumes about her dedication and talent.

While Amanda’s net worth remains undisclosed, it is known that she and her sister received a substantial inheritance from Frank Sinatra’s trust fund. Established in 1983, this trust fund underscored Frank’s commitment to securing his family’s future and fostering their artistic pursuits.

The intersection of art and finance in Amanda’s life showcases a balance between creative passion and pragmatic financial planning. Her journey stands as a testament to the possibilities of achieving both artistic fulfillment and financial stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Amanda Kate Lambert?

Amanda Kate Lambert is a multi-talented individual born on March 17, 1976, known for her contributions to photography, writing, and art. She is the granddaughter of the legendary Frank Sinatra.

What is the “SINATRA” book?

The “SINATRA” book is a limited edition collaboration between Amanda Kate Lambert and Robin Morgan, dedicated to Frank Sinatra on his 100th birth anniversary. It celebrates Sinatra’s legacy through fine arts photography.

How did Amanda Kate Lambert lose her father?

Amanda lost her father, Hugh Lambert, at the age of 9 in 1985. He passed away at 55 after battling cancer, prompting her mother, Nancy Sinatra, to become a single mother dedicated to raising both Amanda and her sister, AJ.

Who is AJ Lambert, and what is her contribution to the family’s legacy?

AJ Lambert, born on May 22, 1974, is Amanda’s sister and an accomplished American musician. Her solo career includes albums like “Dirt Soda” and “Careful You,” contributing to the creative heritage of the Sinatra family.

What is known about Amanda Lambert’s marriage and family life?

Amanda is happily married to Michael Erlinger, whom she met at 19. Their love story evolved into parenthood, and they enjoy a peaceful family life. Amanda remains private about her net worth, but she and her sister inherited a substantial amount from Frank Sinatra’s trust fund.


In the tapestry of Amanda Kate Lambert’s life, each thread represents a unique blend of family, art, and personal triumphs. From the profound influence of her legendary grandfather to her creative pursuits, Amanda’s journey is a testament to the enduring power of artistic expression.

As we conclude this exploration, it’s evident that Amanda Kate Lambert’s legacy extends beyond her achievements. She is a torchbearer of a family heritage that continues to shape the art and entertainment landscape, proving that creativity, when nurtured with passion and resilience, transcends generations.

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