AR1 Group Unveils Frozen Vietnamese Banh Mi with Fish Cake: A Quick Gourmet Experience

Houston, Texas AR1 Group, a pioneer in Asian culinary innovation, announces the launch of its frozen Vietnamese Banh Mi with Fish Cake in the U.S. marketplace. Co-founders John Nguyen and Hau Nguyen spearhead AR1 Group’s mission to research, develop, source, and distribute the finest Asian cuisines, and this ready-to-eat Banh Mi is their latest stride in bringing authentic flavors to American homes.

As a company that specializes in R&D, sourcing, and distribution, AR1 Group goes beyond mere importation, taking an active role in developing and perfecting recipes that resonate with the authentic taste of Asia while suiting the fast-paced American lifestyle.

“Our R&D team works tirelessly to craft the perfect Banh Mi that delivers on the authentic Vietnamese flavor profile,” John Nguyen explains. “We’ve streamlined the process so our customers can enjoy a gourmet experience in minutes, fitting neatly into their busy schedules.”

The Banh Mi, adored globally for its complex flavors and satisfying textures, is now available in a convenient format without sacrificing quality. The innovation from AR1 Group ensures that anyone can now enjoy a Vietnamese classic at home or on the go with just a quick heat in the air fryer.

Hau Nguyen adds, “We’re not just about bringing products to the market; we’re about infusing life into the cultural stories that each dish carries. It’s about making sure that every bite is as rich in narrative as it is in taste.”

Through its established distribution channels, AR1 Group ensures that these ready-to-eat Vietnamese Banh Mi with Fish Cake are readily available to retailers and food service operators across the nation, bringing a touch of Vietnamese tradition to the American table with unmatched ease and flavor.

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