Asphalt Shingles Vs Modified Bitumen vs Metal Roofing: Which Should You Choose For Your Residential Roofing in Ottawa?

Ottawa is currently one of the Canadian urban regions with intense summers. This city also has harsh winters. For maximum protection from extreme weather, your roof is certainly the first line of defense. Yes, you need reliable roofing if You’re looking to do a roof replacement project.

According to experts at Vanity Roofing, the three best roofs worth choosing to replace your old or aged roofs are:

  • Architectural asphalt shingles
  • Modified bitumen
  • Metal roofing

Read further to discover a few factors that influence the choice of a suitable roofing option for your residential property.

Factors to consider when choosing the right roof

Your choice of the right Ottawa roofing materials depends on different factors today. To choose between the aforementioned roofing options offered by Vanity Roofing, you need to consider:

  • Budget
  • Climate
  • Durability
  • Desired aesthetics

Let’s take these factors one at a time and see how they influence your choice of the right roofing material.


Of course, your budget is an important factor to consider when choosing between the aforementioned roofing options. Your budget is crucial because these Ottawa roofing options have different costs.

For cost-effectiveness, experts at Vanity Roofing, Ottawa advise homeowners to choose asphalt shingles. They are cost-effective because of their relatively inexpensive materials – a good example is fiberglass. Besides, architectural asphalt shingles are cost-effective options for Ottawa roofing because they only require low installation costs. This roofing option is also widely available and easy to install.

Bottom line: go for asphalt shingles if you only want budget-friendly roofing. These roofs offer a balance of durability & affordability.


As previously stated, Ottawa has extreme weather conditions. For maximum protection, you need a very durable Ottawa roofing option.

  • Metal roofing can withstand ice & snow. As such, it’s highly durable & recommended for Ottawa roof replacement projects.
  • To some extent, you can also rely on modified bitumen for protection during the winter months.
  • However, be sure to stay away from asphalt shingles. They are less resilient during harsh weather conditions.


Metal roofing has a very long lifespan of the residential roofing options offered by Vanity Roofing, Ottawa. As such, this roofing is the go-to option for your residential home in terms of durability.

Apart from a longer lifespan, metal roofs are:

  • Highly resistant to Ottawa’s weather.
  • Less prone to roof damage due to UV rays.

Desired aesthetics

Your personal preferences play a crucial role when choosing the right Ottawa roofing option that suits your desired aesthetics.

  • For instance, architectural asphalt shingles are perfect for achieving a traditional look with different color options.
  • For a more contemporary look, go for metal roofing. However, be sure to consider the roof’s finish to achieve your desired aesthetics.
  • For a more sleek & modern look, choose modified bitumen for your residential roofing in Ottawa.

Are you currently struggling to choose the right roofing option? If yes, you can visit Vanity Roofing today. This Ottawa roofing company has a team. These experts have experience working with the three roofing options. As such, they can help you choose the desired roofing that suits your budget and preferences.

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