Best Things to Do in Saudi Arabia in 2024 on Your Trip

Not long ago, tourists visited Saudi Arabia for religious purposes only. The Kingdom didn’t allow or promote tourism. But it has changed now. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has started welcoming tourists from all around the world. And being unexplored for so long, the region has become a pretty anticipated holiday destination. So, if you are visiting the area soon, you must know the best things to do in Saudi Arabia. 

Whether you are looking for the perfect adrenaline rush or want an excellent sightseeing tour, you can do it all in the landmarks of Saudi Arabia. The region also offers the most culturally immersive experience with its rich Arab culture and unique traditions. 

If you want to explore the tourism side of the Kingdom, you can apply for a tourist visa straightaway. The procedure to apply for this visa is quite simple and convenient. After getting the visa, you can look for guides like this one to learn about the must-try things in the Kingdom.

Best Things to Do in Saudi Arabia

Indulge in the Desert Adventures

One of the most prominent activities the region is famous for is its ultimate desert safari experience. Saudi Arabia has expansive golden sands that enable you to indulge in various desert adventures, whether dune bashing, camel riding, or camping. You can have the ultimate thrill while exploring the desert on a 4×4 vehicle. It is a must-try thing in Saudi Arabia.

After spending the day having an exceptional adrenaline rush, you can camp in one of the Bedouin deserts here. You will experience the traditional Arabian night experience with traditional belly dances and a delicious BBQ dinner. This will indeed become a vibrant and unforgettable memory of your holiday. 

Explore the Archaeological Sites

Saudi Arabia is known for its exceptional archaeological sites. There is much to explore here that will leave you in awe of the region. This Arab region has been home to many ancient civilisations, and we can still find remnants of these ancient people in various parts of the Kingdom. From the magnificent tombs in Madain Salih to the ancient caravan routes in Hima, the region is an entire of such sites that attract history and archaeology lovers worldwide. 

There are many archaeological sites in Saudi Arabia, including Jubbah Hail, At-Turaif District, Diriyah, Old Jeddah, and many more. You can only say that you have explored Saudi Arabia once you have explored most of these sites. 

Visit the Religious and Historical Landmarks 

This region of the Arab peninsula is the birthplace of one of the most prominent religions in the world, Islam. Therefore, it has some of the holiest sites for believers in Islam. A few years back, the region only allowed religious tourism, and thus, only Muslims were allowed to enter and perform their pilgrimages or explore the religious sites. But now, anyone except for the holy city of Makkah can visit the area. 

There are countless religious sites in the Kingdom, especially Makkah and Madinah. Numerous mosques and sites are associated with prominent historical events in Islam. Moreover, the Kingdom has a fascinating history independent of its Islamic history. There are multiple war sites, forts, and palaces here that display the rich history of Saudi Arabia. 

Relax at the Arabian Beaches by the Red Sea

You are mistaken if you think Saudi Arabia is only about golden sandy deserts. The Kingdom has many glorious beaches by the beautiful waters of the Red Sea. You can have the perfect island-hopping experience at Umluj. It gives you the ideal beach retreat and a memorable escape into nature. Sky-high mountains surround these heavenly islands with crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches. 

There are many luxurious accommodation options besides the beaches in the region, which adds to the whole experience. You can also indulge in numerous thrilling watersports while you are here.

1. Savour the Arabic Cuisine

Arabic cuisine is as delicious as possible, with bold and aromatic flavours. To have the perfect holiday experience in Saudi Arabia, you must savour the traditional Arabic cuisine. You can try street food and dine at local restaurants for the ideal culinary retreat. 

Make sure to try the Arabic dates and desserts, too. Also, the tea here is delicious, and locals are fond of it. 

2. Interact with the Locals 

Arabs are famous for being hospitable and friendly. So, to know more about Arabic culture and hospitality, you must interact with locals. They also invite strangers to their place for a cup of tea and dates. 

Therefore, if you have your Umrah visa and are travelling to Saudi Arabia soon, you should prepare to make some local friends for an immersive experience. 

Summing Up

Since Saudi Arabia opened its doors to the world, many people have visited the region to explore its hidden gems, diverse landscapes, and prominent historical landmarks. If you want to visit Saudi Arabia for the pilgrimage and to explore its tourist attractions, you can look for Umrah packages with a tourist visa. After reading this blog, you might know some of the best things to do in Saudi Arabia. So, plan your trip accordingly in 2024. 

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