Best Tips & Tricks For Parcel Delivery

Sending and receiving parcels can be extremely convenient in today’s digital world. However there are certain tips and precautions. One should ensure efficient and safe parcel delivery. This article provides simple yet essential parcel delivery tips to help your packages reach their destination on time and without damage.

Prepare Your Package Well

Double check all items are in the package before sealing it. Ensure no item is missing and there is no extra item added by mistake. Wrap all fragile items with sufficient cushioning and padding materials like bubble wraps and paper. This prevents items from getting damaged during transit. Use strong adhesive tape to securely seal the parcel and reinforce all openings and edges to avoid the package coming undone accidentally. Shake the parcel gently to check if you hear any rattling noises. If you do, repack with more protective material.

Choose the Right Carrier and Service

Select a parcel delivery service that offers tracking and insurance for valuable goods. Compare carriers based on delivery timelines, rates and coverage area. Opt for express delivery for time sensitive packages. It costs more but ensures faster transit. Ground services are cheaper for non urgent deliveries. If sending perishable items, use overnight delivery or refrigerated transit services. Avoid delays to prevent spoilage. For oversized or heavy packages check the dimensional and weight limits before booking pickup. Choose freight or special carriers accordingly.

Use Proper Packaging Materials

Use new good quality cardboard boxes in perfect condition without any dents or tears. Avoid reusing old boxes that may come apart mid transit. Cushion panels, edges, bottom and top with adequate bubble wraps, packing peanuts, paper or air pillows as per item requirements. For liquid items use leak proof bottles with properly sealed caps. Then wrap in plastic and cushion with absorbent material like tissue paper in case of any leaks or spills. Use strong packing tapes to secure box flaps instead of weak adhesives. Tape all openings to prevent package pilferage.

Include Complete & Accurate Information

Clearly write sender’s and recipient’s full names, addresses with zip codes, and contact details on the parcel. Do not abbreviate the address. Write it out in full to avoid misdirection. Include special instructions if required. Affix pre printed shipping labels securely. Make sure barcode labels are not damaged or wrinkled to enable smooth scans. Discreetly mark parcels as “Fragile” or “This Side Up” to indicate special care requirements for handling.

Insure Valuable Items

Find out the carrier’s liability limits in case items get lost or damaged. Purchase additional shipment insurance if needed. For high value goods specialized couriers like Brinks provide enhanced protection and security during transit. Take dated photographs of the packaged items & insured parcel receipt as proof in case insurance claims need to be filed later. Keep the tracking number and related parcel delivery documents safe for future reference if required.

Track Your Package

Record the tracking number and trace the parcel status online to know its current location. This also indicates expected delivery date and time. Tracking helps one take timely action in case a parcel gets stuck somewhere or needs special clearance from customs. If a parcel is undelivered and returned. Tracking data helps identify the reason – incorrect address, refusal to accept & non-payment of duty etc.

Have a Backup Plan

Provide an alternate shipping address or trusted neighbor’s address. Where the parcel can be delivered safely in case you are not available at the time of delivery. Share contact details like email ID and phone numbers with the courier company. So the delivery executive can reach out to you. If needing any clarification while attempting parcel delivery. Opt for parcel lockers service which allows collectors to pick up parcels from locked locations as per their convenience.


Careful planning and diligent preparations go a long way in ensuring seamless parcel deliveries. Following these simple tips while packing, addressing and booking parcels will minimize errors, confusion, delays and damages during transit. Paying attention to minor details and arranging backup receiving options also helps tackle contingencies. So next time you need to courier a package. Keep these handy tips in mind for a smooth delivery experience.

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