Beyond the Obvious: 7 Unexpected Causes of Auto Glass Damage

What comes to your mind when you think of a broken or cracked automobile windshield? Most likely, you picture a broken tree limb or a boulder on the freeway. But the reasons for automobile windshield or glass damage aren’t always clear-cut, and this is frequently because fractures can begin as microscopic chips that are nearly invisible.

It may look as though the damage to your windshield occurred overnight for no apparent reason when you first see it. Even though car windshields are designed to be extremely strong and shatterproof, exposure to drastic temperature variations might affect how well they function.

Although it’s always vital to drive safely, car drivers may face particular challenges during the winter months due to the increased precipitation and slippery roads. Consequently, it’s critical now more than ever to ensure that there are no chips or fractures in your windows.

In this article, we will look at some of the most frequent causes of auto/vehicle glass damage.

7 Causes of Auto Glass Damage

Some of the most prevalent causes of automobile windshield or glass damage include:

  1. Automobile Accidents

The likelihood that you will be involved in a car collision eventually is rather high, even if you are the world’s most cautious driver. Furthermore, even at comparatively slower speeds, car crashes usually result in damaged windows due to the pressure that an impact may apply to glass.

  • Object Smack-down

Windshield chips and minor cracks caused by small item hits at high speeds can get worse with time. Furthermore, a significant object collision is considered an emergency whether it occurs while you’re driving and something flies off of the car in front of you or when your car is damaged when parked in your driveway.

  • Unsecured Windshield

You should get your windshield or window fixed as soon as possible if they are loose or shaking. This usually happens after the car has been in an accident where the window seal has been compromised but the glass has not broken. The best solution is to replace the old seal and remove the old glass.

  • Pitting of windows

This happens when tiny gravel, sand, and ice particles often strike a windshield while you’re driving. Over time, your windshield may develop pitting if you drive a lot during the winter.
A driver’s perspective may become distorted and less clear due to a pitted windshield or damaged automobile windshield or glass. However, they also raise the possibility that your windshield will chip or break if they are not fixed.

  • Weight-related pressure

Unbelievably, we have witnessed our fair share of nervous breakdowns caused by individuals scaling cars. A windshield can sustain damage from any amount of pressure applied to its edge. Although taking pictures atop vehicle hoods may seem great, applying the proper amount of pressure on your windshield may wind up costing your money.

  • Theft and Vandalism

Coming out to your car after an afternoon of holiday shopping and seeing that the side glass is entirely broken is about as bad as it gets. The robbers have left you with a broken window and a shattered feeling of security, even if they didn’t take anything.
Try to park exclusively in well-lit parking lots, particularly those with security cameras nearby, to lower your risk of vandalism or auto theft.

  • High Wind Stress Damage

Last but not the least, cause of automobile windshield or glass damage is due to stress caused by high wind. Sometimes storms may be extremely violent and frequently bring straight-line winds with tornadic wind rates. Stress fractures in your windshield or side windows may result from the pressure exerted by these high wind speeds.

The most frequent causes of auto glass damages are listed above. It makes no difference how big or little the damage or crack is. In order to prevent more harm, the damage should be replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

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