Celebrating Diversity: A Guide to Detroit’s Pride Bar Crawl

Pride Month is just around the corner, and some folks are already making plans to make the most of this celebration of diversity. Whether you’re looking forward to celebrating the whole month or would like to commemorate it for a couple of days at least, there are plenty of things you can do, from attending parades to going on bar crawls and meeting more queer folks and having fun with them celebrating their truth, regardless of whether you are an ally or part of the community.

If you’re from Detroit, you’ll be delighted to learn about the annual Detroit Pride Bar Crawl. It can be a fun and unique way to celebrate Pride Month along with your friends or on your own. It doesn’t matter what you decide – you will still be signing up for a lot of fun along with people who share similar preferences and life experiences as you. Here’s what you need to know about Detroit’s Pride Bar Crawl if you’re thinking of signing up!

Detroit’s Pride Bar Crawl: Key Details You Don’t Want to Miss!

Enjoy Exclusive Drinks and Deals

One of the main perks of taking part in this bar crawl is that you will be able to enjoy some unique cocktails and other drinks during the whole duration. You can enjoy and discover more about Detroit’s social scene while having fun with your friends. The special drinks add to the excitement of the whole event. Be sure to secure your spot as soon as possible to enjoy all these perks from the very first moment you step into the venue.

Not only will you be able to enjoy exclusive drinks, but you might also be able to grab drinks, snacks, or even whole meals at special prices just for being part of the Pride Bar Crawl. All you have to do is show off the wristband that you were given by the staff of the bar crawl at the bars, and you will be able to enjoy all these perks without problems.

Discover Some of the Best Detroit Gay Bars

Detroit has a very exciting nightlife, and when it comes to the queer scene, you can expect similar or even better fun times. You will enjoy live entertainment from flamboyant drag queens who know how to put on a show for everyone. There will be performances by different entertainers at every stop, allowing each bar to impress you and show you a bit of what you could enjoy if you become a regular.

Some of the bars you will visit include Exodos Rooftop N’ Nightclub and the Three-Legged Goat Bar. The list of bars included in the whole crawl is still being decided. Upon purchasing your spot, you will receive an email indicating all the pubs included in the crawl. Hence, there’s plenty of room for excitement. This might be a great chance to be able to enjoy some of the most exclusive bars in Detroit.

Seven Hours of Pure Fun and Enjoyment

Detroit’s Pride Bar Crawl has a total duration of seven hours. It starts at 3:00 pm and finishes at 10:00 pm. It starts at this hour so that the participants are able to visit all the venues and enjoy what they have to offer. Be sure to arrive on time if you want to make the most of your experience. You don’t want the party bus to leave you behind. Even after the party is over, you can also go to the afterparties. Professionals in photography will make sure to capture the best moments of the night, allowing you to keep those memories alive no matter where you go.

Wrapping Up

Taking part in a Pride Bar Crawl might allow you to learn more about the LGBTQ+ community, meet some wonderful individuals and immerse yourself in queer culture. It can be one of the many things you can include in your plans for the next Pride Month. If you haven’t yet, you’re still in time to secure your spot – be sure to purchase your ticket as soon as possible to enjoy exclusive deals and many surprises.

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