Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond Bio, Age, Family, and Net Worth

Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond, fondly known as Clementine Vaughn, graces this world as the daughter of supermodel Claudia Schiffer and acclaimed film director Matthew Vaughn. Born on November 11, 2004, in the prestigious City of Westminster, London, Clementine’s life story intertwines glamour, talent, and a touch of legacy.

In a world captivated by celebrity culture, Clementine’s journey takes center stage, offering a glimpse into the life of a celebrity child navigating the delicate balance of fame and privacy. This article delves into her early life, family dynamics, the achievements of her iconic parents, and her aspirations, providing readers with an intimate understanding of the Vaughn legacy.

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Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond Biography

Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond, widely known as Clementine Vaughn, was born on November 11, 2004, in the illustrious City of Westminster, London, United Kingdom. The daughter of iconic supermodel Claudia Schiffer and acclaimed film director Matthew Vaughn, Clementine inherits a legacy of creativity and talent. Growing up in the warm embrace of a close-knit family, she is the middle child, flanked by elder brother Caspar Matthew De Vere Drummond and younger sister Cosima Violet.

Raised amidst the splendor of her parents’ achievements, Clementine’s early life reflects a balance of fame and privacy, symbolized by her mother’s thoughtful choice of the name “Clementine Poppy” as a tribute to Remembrance Day. As she steps into her spotlight, supported by Claudia’s guiding influence, Clementine’s journey promises a unique blend of familial heritage and aspirations in the world of modeling. Beyond the glamour, she maintains a private life, guarded by a family committed to creating a haven away from the relentless gaze of the public eye.

Early Life and Background

Clementine’s story begins in the heart of London, where she was born into a lineage rich with creativity and talent. Her birth on November 11, 2004, marks the beginning of a life destined for the spotlight.

Descended from the likes of Heinz Schiffer, Gudrun Schiffer, Kathy Ceaton, and George De Vere Drummond, Clementine inherits a legacy steeped in artistic brilliance and accomplishment.

In the warmth of her close-knit family, Clementine experienced the support and love necessary for a balanced upbringing. Despite her parents’ fame, the Vaughn household remains a haven where familial bonds thrive.

Education and Personal Life

While details about Clementine’s educational journey remain private, it’s evident that education forms a crucial aspect of her life. The Vaughn family values a well-rounded upbringing.

Beyond the glamorous world of fashion and film, Clementine pursues personal interests and hobbies, shaping her identity beyond the lens of celebrity.

The Vaughn family consciously safeguards their personal lives, ensuring a semblance of normalcy in a world often defined by fame. Clementine’s private Instagram account, with the handle “clementinepvaughn,” reflects this commitment to privacy.

Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond Age

As of November 11, 2024, Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond, affectionately known as Clementine Vaughn, turns 20 years old. Born on November 11, 2004, in the prestigious City of Westminster, London, Clementine’s journey has spanned two decades filled with the warmth of family, the allure of fame, and the promise of her own unique path. From her early years surrounded by the achievements of her iconic parents, supermodel Claudia Schiffer and filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, to her emergence as a potential star in the modeling world, Clementine’s age signifies a milestone in her ongoing narrative of grace, talent, and legacy.

Family Dynamics

Clementine’s parents, Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn stand as pillars of talent in their respective fields. Claudia, a German supermodel and actress, achieved international stardom in the 1990s, while Matthew, an English filmmaker, left an indelible mark with iconic films like “Layer Cake” and “Kick-Ass.”

Caspar, born in January 2003, and Cosima, welcomed in May 2010, complete the trio of Vaughn siblings. The family’s commitment to privacy showcases a unique approach to parenting in the limelight.

Despite the demands of their careers, Claudia and Matthew have cultivated a loving and supportive environment for their children, showcasing resilience and dedication to both family and professional pursuits.

Significance of Name

Claudia Schiffer’s choice of “Clementine Poppy” carries a profound meaning. It serves as a poignant tribute to Remembrance Day, a day marked by two minutes of silence to honor those who made sacrifices for freedom.

Each year, the Vaughn family observes a two-minute silence at eleven o’clock on Clementine’s birthday, a beautiful tradition symbolizing gratitude for their blessings and respect for those who sacrificed.

Parents’ Achievements

Claudia’s journey from Rheinberg, Germany, to international supermodel status is a testament to her talent. Beyond modeling, she graced the silver screen in iconic films like “Love Actually” and “The King’s Man,” and ventured into fashion design, leaving an enduring legacy in the industry.

Matthew Vaughn, born in Paddington, London, in 1971, carved his niche as a filmmaker with notable productions like “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels” and directorial successes such as “Stardust” and “Kick-Ass.” His recent acclaim positions him as a potential director for James Bond 26.

Parents’ Relationship

The union of Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn on May 25, 2002, in Shimpling, England, marked the beginning of a remarkable partnership. Their enduring bond, withstood the test of time, symbolizes a commitment to both professional excellence and family life.

Navigating the demanding worlds of fashion and film, Claudia and Matthew have successfully balanced their careers while creating a nurturing home for their children. Their story inspires as it defies the conventional challenges of balancing fame and family.

Siblings: Caspar and Cosima

Caspar Matthew De Vere Drummond, born in January 2003, and Cosima Violet, welcomed in May 2010, complete the Vaughn family. Caspar’s life has largely remained private, a testament to the family’s commitment to shielding their children from unnecessary scrutiny.

In an era where celebrity children often find themselves in the public eye, the Vaughn family consciously shields Caspar, Cosima, and Clementine, ensuring a semblance of normalcy amid the glitz and glamour.

Clementine’s Modeling Career

Clementine’s foray into the modeling world has not gone unnoticed. Supported by her supermodel mother, Claudia Schiffer, Clementine embarked on a promising journey, blending beauty, talent, and genetic legacy.

In December 2021, Clementine made a striking appearance at “The King’s Man” premiere alongside her mother. The uncanny resemblance between mother and daughter garnered attention, signaling a potential foray into the fashion industry.

With Claudia Schiffer’s guidance and the Vaughn legacy behind her, Clementine is poised for success in the modeling industry. Her unique blend of beauty, talent, and family heritage sets the stage for a captivating career.

Life Away from the Spotlight

While Claudia Schiffer’s global influence is undeniable, she values Clementine’s privacy. Rare insights into family life surface occasionally, notably during birthday tributes, where Claudia shares touching throwback photos and updates.

In the age of social media, Clementine maintains a private Instagram account, “@clementinepvaughn,” offering a personal space away from the public eye. This deliberate choice aligns with the family’s commitment to a life beyond the relentless glare of fame.

Occasional glimpses into the Vaughn family’s life provide a refreshing perspective. Claudia’s thoughtful sharing of moments underscores the balance between fame and the cherished moments of normalcy experienced by the family.

Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond Net Worth

Claudia Schiffer’s impressive net worth, estimated at around $75 million as of 2023, reflects her enduring success in the realms of fashion, film, and design. Matthew Vaughn, with an approximate net worth of $30 million, stands as a dynamic force in the entertainment industry.

While Clementine’s net worth remains undisclosed due to her young age, the Vaughn legacy and guidance from her successful parents position her for financial success. The interplay of talent, family heritage, and industry connections hints at a promising financial future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Clementine Vaughn’s parents?

Clementine Vaughn’s parents are Claudia Schiffer, the renowned German supermodel and actress, and Matthew Vaughn, the accomplished English filmmaker known for his contributions to the film industry.

What is the significance of Clementine’s name?

Clementine’s name, “Clementine Poppy,” holds a deeper meaning. It is a tribute to her birthdate, November 11, which is Remembrance Day. The family observes a two-minute silence each year to honor the sacrifices made by brave individuals.

How does Clementine balance privacy and fame?

The Vaughn family, including Clementine, consciously maintains a private life away from the spotlight. Claudia Schiffer values privacy and occasionally shares glimpses into their family life, ensuring a semblance of normalcy despite their public profiles.

What is known about Clementine’s siblings?

Clementine has two siblings: Caspar Matthew De Vere Drummond, born in January 2003, and Cosima Violet, born in May 2010. The family takes deliberate steps to keep details about their children private, allowing them a sense of normalcy.

Is Clementine pursuing a modeling career?

Yes, supported by her mother Claudia Schiffer, Clementine has ventured into the modeling industry. Her appearances, including a striking presence at the premiere of “The King’s Man,” suggest a promising future in the world of fashion, influenced by her family’s legacy.


Clementine Poppy De Vere Drummond’s narrative unfolds as a harmonious blend of legacy, talent, and familial bonds. From her birth in the bustling city of Westminster to her potential as a rising star in the modeling world, every facet of her life intertwines with a story of elegance and promise.

In a world often enamored by celebrity culture, Clementine stands as a beacon of grace and potential. The Vaughn legacy, crafted by Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn, lives on through their children, promising a future where talent, privacy, and success converge seamlessly.

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