Dota 2: Understanding a Hero’s Attributes

Buy Dota 2 accounts at great deals with U7BUY. When picking a hero in Dota 2, understanding their attributes in incredibly important. They will not only play a big part in your decision making, but also in how you play and upgrade. There are three primary attributes called Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. There is also a Universal attribute that includes all three averaged out into a hero.

Primary attributes affect a hero’s main attack damage per point of said attribute. A part of making these attributes so important is that they essentially signify the roles of your heroes. The primary attribute will usually grow faster than the other two attributes your hero has. This of course only adds to how careful you have to be in you choice.

The first attribute to go over is Strength. Strength measure a hero’s endurance and defense. This means that Strength will help add to a hero’s maximum health level and regeneration. Heroes with Strength as a primary attribute usually means that they are considered a tank. This makes these types of heroes harder to kill, making them great for defense or running headfirst to start a battle strong.

Agility is the second attribute a hero can have. It contributes to a hero’s dexterity and speed. It will also determine a hero’s armor and attack speeds too. Heroes with agility as their primary attribute usually depend more on their quick physical attacks and items. They are also really good with using their abilities quickly too thanks to their added speed. This makes them great as a gank or carry role in our party.

Intelligence is a bit more complicated, but interesting. This attribute measures the heroes wit and wisdom. This will increase a hero’s maximum level of mana, mana regeneration, and magic resistance. This means that these heroes that have intelligence as their primary attribute are likely to have more mana based abilities and are able to use them more often. This can make these heroes good as a gank, pusher, or even a support!

Universal heroes are very unique and can be great! What makes them different is that they benefit from each of the three primary attributes. The only downside is that they will not gain as many points for them as they would for picking a single attribute as their primary. However, the biggest advantage these heroes have is that they are able to have more equal strength in their abilities and items. This also helps with quickly changing roles for your party when needed.
While it can be hard to decide which primary attributes to choose from for your heroes, or whether or not to choose a Universal hero, having the knowledge about each kind helps. It is also good to keep your parties balanced when it comes to gameplay. Over time, it’ll be much easier to grasp how to take advantage of each attribute to its greatest potential. Click to show details on the deals you can get from U7BUY.

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