Elements to take into account when choosing your electricity contract

Changing electricity supplier has become a common practice for many French households looking for the best conditions. Find out in this article what criteria to analyze when choosing your electricity contract and how to change supplier.

How to change electricity supplier?

After analyzing the different offers offered by electricity suppliers and selecting the supplier with the best conditions, it is time to change electricity supplier . The procedure for changing supplier is easy, free and very quick. However, it is necessary to follow two steps:

● go to the website of the supplier with whom you wish to sign a new contract;

● complete the subscription form with your personal data as well as the information that appears on one of your electricity bills from your current supplier.

In general, following your subscription, your new supplier sends you a copy of the contract by email. He is also the one who takes care of the termination of your old contract with your former supplier on your behalf. It’s simple as hello ! Your meter remains unchanged and you do not notice any interruption. Of course, your old supplier will send you a final invoice relating to the last consumptions. You can visit plchmi.

Good to know : you are free to change supplier for free and as many times as you wish. Your supplier cannot charge you termination fees or impose a minimum commitment period.

What are the criteria to take into account when choosing your electricity contract?

In order to choose a supplier and a contract that best meets your personal needs, it is necessary to analyze and compare certain criteria.

The price

Price is of course a determining criterion when it comes to choosing a supplier and an electricity contract. Many of us want to reduce our monthly electricity bill by finding the best contract. To be able to compare the offers with each other, it is necessary to analyze two costs: the subscription and the price per kWh. Therefore, take the trouble to consult the suppliers’ website in order to view the price lists on which the price per kWh and the cost of the subscription appear.

In addition, you must choose between an electricity contract with a fixed price or an indexed price:

● fixed price electricity contract : your supplier undertakes to charge you the same rate for a specific period. In general, this is a contract concluded for a period of between 1 and 3 years. The advantage is that you know what you are going to pay throughout the duration of the contract and you are not subject to increases in the regulated tariff (EDF tariff);

● indexed price electricity contract : your supplier will adapt the price per kWh taking into account the variation in the regulated price (EDF). In the event of a reduction in the regulated rate, this represents an advantage.

The quality of customer service

These days, it’s very easy to form an opinion on the quality of a company’s customer service. All you have to do is check customer reviews online. Choose a supplier with competent customer service available via different communication channels. Also take into account customer service availability by opting for a supplier accessible during more flexible time slots. You can also visit this plchmi.

Renewable energy

If you care about the environment, choose a supplier that offers 100% green electricity contracts . Providing you with renewable electricity does not systematically mean that your monthly bill will be higher. Many suppliers, such as ENGIE, have made significant investments to be able to provide green electricity to their customers without increasing their prices.

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