How Physical Therapy Can Help Recovery Process Post ACL Surgery

If you are having ACL surgery, it is important to seek out a physical therapist near me as soon as possible. Getting started with PT before your surgery is beneficial for your recovery process. Depending on the symptoms you are experiencing, your physical therapy sessions will consist of a variety of things.

Why Should You Visit Your PT Before Surgery

Many people understand they will need physical therapy after their knee surgery, but fewer understand the benefits of PT prior to the operation. 

Reduce Swelling and Pain

One of the initial focuses of Yukon physical therapy is to reduce any pain or swelling you may be experiencing. If you go into the surgery with no swelling, you will recover afterwards a lot quicker.

Your physical therapist will use a variety of modalities to accomplish this. He or she may use cold therapy, electrical stimulation, soft tissue manipulation, or manual therapy. Once the swelling has subsided and there is no pain, you can move on to the next phases of care.

Increase Range of Motion

One of the goals of your post-operative PT is to increase the knee’s range of motion. The better ROM you have before the surgery, the faster you will regain normal function after the operation. Your physical therapist will also work on improving balance and coordination. Methods used may include stretching and light exercises that do not stress the knee.

Strengthen Muscles Surrounding the Knee

Your knee will get back to normal faster after your surgery if you strengthen the surrounding muscles prior to your procedure. Your physical therapist will design an exercise program based on your individual needs and fitness status. Some common pre-surgical exercises include:

  • Heel slides
  • Knee pushdowns
  • Short arc quads
  • Gluteal squeezes
  • Straight leg raises

The PT will demonstrate the moves and then watch as you do them to ensure you are performing them correctly and are not further harming the knee. Once your PT is confident you know how to do them, you will be expected to do them daily at home on your own.

Receive Recommendations for Home Adaptations

Your physical therapist in Oklahoma City may give you advice on how to prepare your home for after the surgery. This may include removing rugs, placing items in a central location, installing assistance bars in the bathroom, and removing clutter.

How Consistent PT Visits Can Improve Recovery Time

One of the key components of physical therapy both before and after knee surgery is consistency. Upon initial consultation, your physical therapist will recommend a treatment plan consisting of a series of sessions, and he or she will document your process along the way and make adjustments as needed.

Your recovery time will be shorter if you attend all of the recommended sessions. Part of your recovery is doing exercises a couple of times a day on your own. Individuals who do these as prescribed and do not take shortcuts will discover that they regain normal function quicker than those who do not perform them consistently.

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