How To Get More Followers On Instagram: Tips To Try

Your Instagram followers are more than just a number – they’re like friends in your community. If you want to grow on Instagram, it can lead to more people checking out your stuff, buying things, and interacting with you.

There’s no secret trick to instantly get more followers on Instagram, but there are lots of simple things you can do to build up your Instagram community. We’ve put together some steps to help you grow organically on Instagram. Think of them like easy-to-follow steps in a recipe. By doing these things in the order we suggest, you’ll not only see more people following you but also creating a lively and connected group around your Instagram account. Remember, it’s not a quick fix, but by taking these steps, you’re on your way to having a bustling and lively Instagram presence.

1. Avoid buying fake followers

When websites offer to sell you 1,000 Instagram followers for just $12.99, it might seem like a tempting shortcut to boost your follower count. However, going for this quick fix can cause more harm than good:

Firstly, Instagram is on the lookout for fake activities, and they might punish or even remove accounts that engage in these shady practices.

Those purchased followers? They’re not real people – they’re bots. These bots won’t genuinely engage with your content or become actual customers for your business.

The worst part? Buying followers can damage your credibility and make your real audience lose trust in you, leading them to unfollow you.

Additionally, trying to boost engagement through buying views or comments, or joining engagement pods, won’t actually help your Instagram account grow. It’s not just about having a massive follower count; you want a community that’s genuinely interested and engaged with your content. So, steer clear of these shortcuts and focus on building a real and meaningful Instagram community.

2. Find your best times to post on Instagram

Finding the perfect time to share your Instagram content isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation. Instead, you should figure out when your followers are most active. Instagram makes it easy with its Insights feature, and here’s a quick guide in four simple steps:

1. Open the Instagram app and head to your profile.

2. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top right (that’s the hamburger menu).

3. Tap on ‘Insights.’

4. Inside ‘Insights,’ click on ‘Total followers.’ Scroll down to find ‘Most active times.’ Here, you can check when your audience is buzzing online, either for each day of the week or specific days.

But here’s an extra tip: think about when your content makes the most sense logically. For instance, a video recipe might perform best after work hours when people are cooking. On the flip side, a post about a coffee shop might do better during the 2 p.m. afternoon slump.

To nail down the best posting times, try experimenting and see when you get the most views and engagement. It’s like finding the sweet spot for connecting with your audience.

3. Write compelling captions

It might feel tempting to breeze through Instagram captions, especially after putting in the effort to create a fantastic carousel or video. However, Instagram captions are more important than you might realize. They have the power to either convince someone to hit that follow button or just scroll past your content without a second glance. So, don’t underestimate the impact of a good caption – it’s like the secret sauce that makes your content stand out.

When it comes to Instagram captions, don’t fall into the trap of thinking longer is always better. Surprisingly, according to HubSpot’s 2023 Instagram Engagement Report, captions perform best when they’re either super short (around 20 characters) or quite long (up to 2,000 characters).

But here’s the real deal: crafting the perfect Instagram caption is more about knowing your audience and the context of your post than hitting a specific character count. If you’re sharing something educational, it might make sense to go for a longer caption. However, when you’re flaunting a stylish product image, keeping it short and sweet is the way to go. It’s like tailoring your caption to fit the vibe of your content and what your audience loves.

For example if you want to flaunt a stylish curly hairs you will need captions for curly hair that are short an sweet. 

4. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags are like magic keys that can open doors to a whole new audience for your content. You’ve got two types to play with: branded hashtags (made just for your brand) and ones that fit your target audience. The trick is to pick hashtags that really speak to the people you want to reach.

Imagine it like this: when users discover hashtags that truly connect with them, they’re more likely to hit that follow button for your brand. So, think of hashtags as your secret weapon to make your content visible to the right crowd. It’s a simple yet powerful way to expand your reach and grow your brand’s following on the platform. Just choose those hashtags wisely, and watch your audience expand.

5. Maintain a consistent posting schedule

Growing on Instagram is all about playing the consistency card. According to Christine Colling, Later’s Social Media Manager, the more regularly you share posts, the more your audience gets familiar with you. This familiarity builds trust and sets expectations for what they can anticipate from your content. Knowing what to expect gives them a reason to hit that follow button and engage with what you share.

Yet, it’s crucial to highlight that quality should always outweigh quantity. Yes, be consistent, but never compromise the value your content brings to your audience. It’s like serving a tasty dish – your followers will keep coming back for more if it’s both consistent and delicious. So, find that sweet spot where you’re not just posting regularly but also delivering content that truly matters to your audience. That’s the winning combo for Instagram growth.

6. Make Sure Your Instagram Content is Accessible

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 2.2 billion people have vision impairments or experience blindness. Ignoring accessibility in your social media strategy means potentially excluding clients, customers, or connections from engaging with your content. Here are five simple ways to make your Instagram account more inclusive:

1. Add subtitles or text overlays to video content, including Instagram Stories and Reels.

2. Write descriptive alt text for your Instagram posts.

3. Verbalize visual details during stories and videos.

4. Capitalize each word in Instagram hashtags for proper screen-reader reading.

5. Create content that’s screen-reader friendly by limiting the use of emojis in captions and text overlay.

Remember, inclusive content means more people can access and enjoy it, leading to increased engagement, new followers, and an overall better experience for everyone on Instagram.

7.Work With Other Brands, Creators & Influencers

Teaming up with influencers and brands who share your vibes is a serious growth hack. It’s like making friends in the digital world, giving you the bonus of brand association and opening the door to a fresh bunch of potential followers.

And guess what? You don’t need a vault full of gold coins for these partnerships. In fact, some of the most impactful collaborations are easy, budget-friendly, and beneficial for everyone involved.

Picture it like expanding your tribe – when you join forces with like-minded influencers or brands, you’re not just sharing followers, you’re introducing your content to a whole new crew. It’s a win-win situation where everyone gets a slice of the success pie without breaking the bank. So, if you’re looking to boost your Instagram game, consider these partnerships as your secret weapon for growth.

8.Talk to your audience in comments and Stories

Connecting with your Instagram audience is like having a chat at a friendly gathering. Elise Darma, an Instagram educator, emphasizes the power of being proactive. Instead of waiting for everyone to come to you, take the initiative to engage with people who could benefit from your business. Imagine it as making friends at a cocktail party – the more you introduce yourself, ask questions, and actively participate, the more friends you’ll make. It’s not about being passive; it’s about being social.

Responding to comments and messages is a key part of this interaction. It’s like being the life of the party, acknowledging and responding to every guest. Take a cue from Chobani, a yogurt brand that excels in this. They make sure to respond to almost every comment they receive, creating a friendly and approachable vibe. So, don’t wait for the party to come to you; step out, strike up conversations, and build a lively community on Instagram.

9.Understand your analytics

Regularly checking your Instagram analytics is like having a compass for your social media journey – it helps you understand what’s steering you in the right direction and what needs a course correction. It’s a bit like figuring out your audience’s preferences: maybe they love your entertaining Reels but prefer your educational posts in carousel format. These insights are gold for shaping your content creation strategy and ensuring you get the most bang for your buck on Instagram.

Now, let’s talk about metrics. Among the many, reach takes the spotlight. Reach tells you how many different accounts laid eyes on your post, giving you a clear picture of your content’s awareness and value. Whether your post reaches more or fewer accounts than usual, these results are like road signs guiding your way forward. It’s your Instagram GPS, helping you navigate toward more effective and impactful posts in the future. So, keep an eye on that reach to stay on the right track.


1. How can I boost my Instagram followers effectively?

  To increase your Instagram followers, consider these impactful strategies:

   – Utilize relevant hashtags

   – Share high-quality content

   – Engage with other users

   – Run contests and giveaways

   – Explore paid advertising options

2. How do I select the right hashtags for my Instagram posts?   

When choosing hashtags, opt for those pertinent to your niche and widely used. Leverage a hashtag generator to discover relevant and popular tags.

3. What’s the key to creating top-notch content for Instagram?

Craft visually appealing content aligned with your target audience. Maintain consistency with your brand identity to ensure a cohesive and recognizable presence.

4. How can I interact with other users on Instagram?

 Engage with fellow users by commenting on their posts and liking their photos. Additionally, follow users who share similar interests to foster connections.

5. How can Instagram Stories help grow my followers?

 Instagram Stories offer a more engaging format than regular posts. Use them for behind-the-scenes content, contests, and to establish a more personal connection with your audience.

6. How can IGTV contribute to follower growth?

 IGTV provides a platform for sharing longer-form content. Utilize it for showcasing products, offering educational content, and telling compelling stories to captivate and expand your audience.

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