How to get Umrah VISA?

A visa is a travel document for the performing Umrah which is issued by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).  This document allows you to enter Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.  Umrah can be performed at time of the year.  Most of people to prefer to perform Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan.  The word visa is the abbreviation (Visitors international stay admission).  The duration of Umrah visa is 30 days. Entry to Saudi Arabia is prohibited without this document. It is an unnecessary document to perform Umrah. You can stay in Saudi Arabia for up to 30 days on the basis of Umrah visa. You should Perform Umrah within these thirty Days. Departure and entry dates in Saudi Arabia are within two weeks.  You can also perform for Umrah through a visit visa this visa lasts for three months. An approved travel agency should be selected for Umrah visa. It is very important to keep the Umrah visa with you while performing Umrah. Umrah booking are more in the holy month of Ramadan. If you want to perform Umrah and looking for Umrah visa. You can book your Umrah packages from Islamic travel Agency because Islamic Travel is an approved agency.  Islamic Travel is a trusted agency that provides you Umrah VISA. There are various means by which you can get the Umrah VISA but if you are booking the Umrah Packages from the United Kingdom, VISA is already included in the Package.

Umrah VISA from Saudi Embassy:

Saudi Arabia is provide Umrah VISA from Saudi Embassy for the Muslim pilgrims. It is one of the physical means by which you can get the Umrah VISA. You can get the prints of VISA application from the website of Saudi Embassy or by visiting the Saudi Embassy. While visiting the Saudi Embassy in the United Kingdom please carry the following items with you.

  • Passport Having the Validity at six months from the Departure date
  • 2 Recent Photographs with White Background
  • You identity Documents
  • Your Marriage Certificate
  • Travel Itinerary of the confirmed and Non-Refundable Tickets
  • A valid residence permit if you are not citizen of UK
  • Health Insurance including the Vaccination proofs including the COVID-19
  • Proof of Relationship while travelling with a female pilgrim

These were few of the documents which you have to carry while submitting the application of VISA. In the VISA application you have mention the purpose of the visit as well. You can also consult the consultant of the embassy for the further help.

Umrah VISA from Travel Agency:

You can also book the Umrah VISA services from the Travel Agencies in the United Kingdom. They are always having the links with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Ramadan is one of the toughest month for purchasing the Umrah VISA from UK as well as round the world. In the month of Ramadan it is bit difficult to purchase the Umrah VISA separately. So many of the pilgrims from the United Kingdom book the Umrah Packages which includes the VISA services. Umrah in the month of Ramadan is equivalent to the Hajj Pilgrimage and that is the reasons that it is very difficult to purchase the Umrah VISA in the month of Ramadan. If you want to perform Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan and looking for Umrah visa.  You can choose the Ramadan Umrah packagesfrom Islamic travel Umrah packages. Islamic Travel is one of the best and trusted Umrah Travel agency in the United Kingdom offering the cheaper services of Umrah VISA including the flights and hotel Accommodation.

Is Umrah VISA included in Umrah Packages?

Yes! Umrah VISA is included in the Umrah Packages of Islamic Travel as well as other travel agencies in the United Kingdom. Umrah Packages is one of the best way for performing the Umrah Packages from the UK. Islamic Travel includes the Umrah VISA services along with the Hotel Accommodation and Umrah flights as well. Most of the time we also includes the Breakfast and transportation services from the Jeddah International Airport to the Mecca Hotel. These services are according to the rating of the package. Anyhow, in the month of December these Packages becomes the cheaper because of the Hotel and flight prices while price of Umrah VISA remains constant. It is very easy to avail the Umrah VISA in the month of December as compare to the seasonal month of Umrah. You can also purchase the Tourist VISA for the Umrah purposes. If you have already book the Tourist visa then you don’t have the need to book the Umrah VISA. But the Packages of Umrah which are offered by the Islamic Travel includes the Umrah VISA in their Packages of Umrah.

Final Thoughts:

I want to conclude here that there are two means of getting the Valid Umrah which we have discussed in the article. One which is physical means which is by the visiting the Saudi Embassy near you. You have to take the printouts of Umrah VISA application along with some of the documents which we have listed in the above. You have to carry the documents along with you while submitting the Umrah VISA. There are various embassy offices in the United Kingdom established by the Saudi Government. You can also consult the Islamic Travel or various other ATOL and IATA protected Travel agencies for the issuance of the Umrah VISA. We include the Umrah VISA in our Umrah Packages. You can separately book the Umrah VISA or tourist VISA from the Islamic Travel. These VISAs are approved from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Apart from the Umrah VISA services our Umrah Packages includes the Umrah flights, Hotel Accommodation in the Mecca and Madinah, Transportation services from Jeddah International Airport to the Mecca Hotel, and Breakfast. In the Ramadan Umrah Packages we include Sahar Services instead of Breakfast. While Our December Umrah Packages are cheapest Among all Umrah Packages.

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