Introducing Jelastic: A Flexible Cloud PaaS for Modern Java Apps

As the demand for cloud-native applications continues to grow, many builders are searching out bendy and scalable systems to install their Java apps. Jelastic is an emerging platform-as-a-provider (PaaS) answer designed specifically for Java workloads. Offered as a managed cloud carrier, Jelastic allows developers to install, run, and scale Java programs without demanding infrastructure complexities. The jelastic paas provides automated scaling, built-in monitoring, and self-healing capabilities to ensure high availability of Java apps. Developers can focus on coding applications while Jelastic handles provisioning, load balancing, failover, and other DevOps needs. Best of all, Jelastic uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model allowing you to only pay for the resources you use.

Let’s jump into our main topic and take a closer look at how Jelastic provides an easy yet powerful PaaS for modern Java development.

Jelastic overview

Jelastic is a platform-as-a-service answer designed for hosting, automating, and scaling contemporary Java applications in the cloud. The elastic PaaS makes it rapid and easy for developers to install Java-based totally apps without annoying approximately the underlying infrastructure. Jelastic handles all of the complexities of provisioning, clustering, load balancing, and car-scaling so developers can focus on writing code. The platform presents built-in tracking, self-recuperation talents, and employer-grade security. Jelastic helps leading Java application servers like Tomcat, Jetty, GlassFish, and WildFly. It’s presented as a cloud provider through web hosting companies globally so clients can get started instantly without upfront funding. Let’s take a closer look at the blessings of the use of Jelastic on your next Java project.

Cloud platform benefits

One of the largest benefits of Jelastic is that it allows you to leverage the blessings of cloud computing to your Java apps. You can installation apps to the public, private or hybrid cloud and Jelastic will cope with all of the heavy lifting. This removes the burden of dealing with physical servers while imparting the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. Jelastic permits automatic vertical and horizontal scaling to deal with site visitors spikes. Developers don’t have to worry about resource planning or estimating capacity needs. Jelastic also provides high availability with automated failover and disaster recovery mechanisms built-in. And with Jelastic’s microservices architecture, apps can be updated frequently without any downtime.

Flexible scaling

A core capability offered by Jelastic is its flexible auto-scaling. Jelastic enables your Java apps to scale up and down dynamically based on load. It can automatically add or remove resources like RAM, CPU cores or storage as needed. This means you don’t have to manually intervention to scale. Jelastic can scale vertically by adding more power to existing nodes. It can also scale horizontally by provisioning new nodes and load balancing across them. Specific thresholds can be set to trigger scaling events based on metrics like CPU utilization. Jelastic smoothly scales apps to handle any workload. And capacity can decrease during quiet periods so you aren’t paying for unused resources. This flexible scaling ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

Deploy Java apps

Jelastic makes deploying Java applications fast and painless. You can deploy apps directly from Git/SVN repositories with continuous integration/delivery pipelines. Jelastic supports all the popular Java application servers like Tomcat, Jetty, GlassFish and WildFly. It also works with frameworks like Spring, Hibernate and Netty. Jelastic automatically configures the underlying infrastructure required to run your Java app stack. There’s no need to deal with virtual machines, networks and databases. Just upload your Java WAR files and Jelastic deploys them with all dependencies configured. Jelastic also simplifies environment duplication for staging and production rollouts. Going from development to launch is easy.

Managed cloud hosting

With Jelastic, you don’t need to worry about maintaining infrastructure or platforms. The jelastic PaaS is offered as a managed cloud hosting solution by providers like CloudBees, Cloudrino and Packet. You simply sign up for a Jelastic account to get access on demand. The platform is installed, updated and secured by your hosting provider. Jelastic also handles redundancy, failover clustering, disaster recovery and compliance. You can choose from a range of infrastructure options including bare metal, private/public cloud and hybrid. Expert teams ensure Jelastic is running optimally at all times. So you can focus purely on your Java application code rather than IT operations. Think of Jelastic as your scalable, reliable cloud backend for Java apps.

DevOps automation

Jelastic integrates advanced DevOps tools and automation to streamline application development workflows. It supports continuous integration and delivery enabling you to frequently update apps with zero downtime. Developers can work in isolated environments then seamlessly promote code to staging and production. Jelastic also integrates with Git, Jenkins, JFrog and other DevOps tools. The platform handles provisioning infrastructure on demand for dynamic build pipelines. Jelastic enables configuring resource limits and versioning for each environment. User permissions can be granularly controlled for access. Jelastic brings automation and collaboration to deliver Java innovation faster from idea to production.

Microservices support

Jelastic provides first-class support for building Java microservices architectures. Its finely-grained auto-scaling allows independently scaling microservices based on their unique resource needs. Jelastic also automatically deploys and manages Docker containers for each microservice. Its distributed design and isolation prevents inter-service failures. The platform handles networking and routing between microservices and the outside world. Jelastic enables implementing advanced patterns like service discovery, API gateways and event streaming. You get the benefits of microservices development like frequent updates, scalability and fault tolerance without added complexity. Jelastic simplifies running a resilient Java microservices architecture.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Unlike traditional application platforms, Jelastic uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model based on actual usage. You are only charged for the exact cloud resources consumed like CPU, RAM, storage and IP addresses. There are no upfront license fees, annual commitments or waste from pre-provisioning capacity. Jelastic bills usage hourly with per-second granularity. Costs scale up and down dynamically following your workload patterns. The pricing is straightforward and predictable. You have full visibility into the costs and capacity being utilized at any time. And budget thresholds can be set to cap costs or alert on anomalies. The pay-as-you-go approach means you pay only for what you need.

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