King Von Mom, Father, Siblings, Bio, Life Story, and Death

King Von mom is Taesha, born on the 13th of April 1976. in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. Growing up amidst the sunny streets of LA, she embraced the rich culture of her surroundings. As of 2023, she gracefully carries 47 years of life experience, though marked by profound sorrow.

Despite facing the trials of separation from her husband, Taesha stood as a pillar of strength for her children, navigating the challenges of single parenthood with resilience. Her husband’s departure, entangled in another relationship, cast a shadow over their family dynamic.

Taesha’s love and dedication shone brightly as she raised King Von single-handedly, pouring her heart into guiding him through life’s complexities. However, fate dealt a cruel blow as she tragically lost her beloved son at a tender age.

The weight of grief lingers heavily upon her, each step she takes a poignant reminder of the precious bond she shared with King Von. The ache of a mother’s loss echoes through her days, a testament to the enduring love she holds for her cherished child.

Rooted in her African heritage, Taesha finds solace in her faith, steadfastly holding onto her Christian beliefs. Despite the trials that have befallen her, she proudly identifies as an American, drawing strength from her cultural roots and unwavering faith.

In the depths of her sorrow, Taesha’s resilience shines through, a beacon of hope amidst the darkness. Though her heart may grieve, her spirit remains unbroken, a testament to the enduring power of a mother’s love.

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King Von Mom Education

King Von’s mom possesses an impressive educational background, starting her academic journey at a prestigious local high school near her hometown. Following her graduation, she pursued higher education at the University of Georgia, demonstrating a commitment to her intellectual growth.

However, her academic pursuits were intertwined with personal challenges, notably her marriage to King Von’s father. Unfortunately, their union faced turmoil, leading to divorce due to his involvement with another woman.

King Von Mom Butt Surgery

Tragically, the family was thrust into profound grief with King Von’s untimely passing earlier this year. The loss weighed heavily on Taesha Bennett, King Von’s mother, as she navigated the aftermath of his tragic demise.

Despite the somber circumstances, Taesha’s recent appearance sparked speculation on social media. Her striking presence prompted discussions about potential cosmetic enhancements, particularly regarding her buttocks, igniting a flurry of online chatter and debate.

Before King Von’s passing, he demonstrated his deep affection for his mother through lavish gestures, including purchasing her a new Benz and a home. These gestures, documented and shared by King Von himself, reflected his desire to provide for his beloved mother and fulfill her dreams.

King Von’s Father – Walter E. Bennett

Walter E. Bennett, father to six children, three from each of his marriages, played a pivotal role in King Von’s life. A complex figure, Walter’s involvement in criminal activities led to his imprisonment, leaving a lasting impact on his son’s journey.

The shadows of Walter’s criminal past loomed large over King Von’s upbringing. His incarceration and eventual tragic death left an indelible mark, becoming a driving force behind Von’s determination to rise above the challenges life presented.

Walter’s presence, though physically absent, echoed through King Von’s music. Themes of resilience, survival, and the harsh realities of street life became recurrent motifs, showcasing the profound impact a father’s influence can wield, even in death.

Taesha Bennett – The Strong Mother

Taesha Bennett, born on April 13th, 1976, in Los Angeles, California, faced her share of challenges. Her journey from a well-reputed local high school to the University of Georgia reflects her resilience and determination.

After parting ways with her husband, Taesha embraced the role of a single mother, confronting life’s adversities head-on. Her commitment to raising her children alone, despite facing divorce and heartbreak, stands as a testament to her strength.

Taesha’s life was marked by challenges, from her husband’s involvement in criminal activities to the tragic loss of King Von’s father when he was just 11. Through it all, Taesha stood strong, shaping the narrative of her family’s survival and resilience.

Family Dynamics and Divorce

Taesha’s life took a challenging turn with divorce, a circumstance that often brings upheaval. Navigating through the complexities of a broken marriage, she faced the associated challenges with resilience and determination.

Divorce reshapes family dynamics, and in Taesha’s case, it left a lasting impact on King Von and his siblings. The challenges posed by this change in structure became a part of the fabric that defined Von’s journey.

Blending families brings its own set of challenges and triumphs. King Von’s relationship with his step-siblings, born from his father’s second marriage, adds layers to the narrative of family dynamics shaped by love, loss, and resilience.

King Von Biography

Taesha Bennett, born on April 13th, 1976, in Los Angeles, California, is more than a woman; she is a testament to strength and resilience. Facing the challenges of life head-on, Taesha navigated through a complex journey that involved divorce, the incarceration and tragic death of her husband, Walter E. Bennett, and the upbringing of her children, including the late rapper King Von. As a single mother, she bore the weight of these challenges with unwavering determination.

Taesha’s commitment to her family, her ability to rise above adversity, and her role in shaping the character of her children, particularly King Von, make her a beacon of inspiration. In the face of public speculation and grief after her son’s passing, Taesha Bennett remains a private yet powerful figure, embodying the essence of a mother’s love and strength.

Early Life of King Von

King Von’s roots trace back to the streets of Chicago, where the rhythm of life is both fast and unforgiving. Raised primarily by his mother, Taesha, in a challenging environment, Von’s early experiences shaped his perspective on survival and success.

Taesha Bennett, a pillar of strength in Von’s life, faced the daunting task of raising her children single-handedly after her husband’s incarceration and eventual tragic death. The bond between King Von and Taesha becomes the foundation for understanding the profound impact of family on his journey.

At the tender age of 11, King Von confronted the harsh reality of his father’s fatal end. Walter E. Bennett’s criminal activities and subsequent incarceration cast a long shadow on Von’s formative years, influencing not only his struggles but also his musical expressions, notably captured in the poignant song “Exposing Me.”

The tussle with the legal system began early for King Von, facing serious charges at the age of 16, including attempted murder and first-degree murder. This turbulent period tested his resolve and resilience.

The legal cloud hanging over Von’s head was daunting, with allegations stemming from a shooting incident that claimed a life and injured others. The charges, though later dropped, left an indelible mark on Von’s journey.

The dropping of charges became a turning point for King Von. Liberated from legal burdens, he redirected his focus towards a music career, collaborating closely with fellow artist Lil Durk. This phase marked the beginning of his ascent in the industry.

Personal Struggles and Inspirations

In the intricate tapestry of King Von’s life, his affiliation with the Black Disciples street gang emerges as a significant threat. The realities of street life, survival, and loyalty to a brotherhood become vivid elements in his journey.

Music became King Von’s canvas for storytelling. His inspirations, drawn from the harsh realities he faced, found a poignant expression in tracks like “Exposing Me.” The lyrics reflect not just personal struggles but a broader narrative of survival and exposure.

King Von’s Generosity Towards His Mother

King Von’s success in the music industry translated into tangible expressions of gratitude towards his mother. Gifting her a new car and house, Von’s gestures spoke volumes about his love and appreciation for the woman who stood by him through thick and thin.

Publicly expressing his love and appreciation, King Von shared moments of his achievements, emphasizing the joy of fulfilling his greatest desire – providing for his family. The social media posts and gestures became testaments to a son’s deep gratitude.

The new car and house weren’t just material possessions; they symbolized the fulfillment of King Von’s aspirations for his family. Through his success, he achieved what many aspire to – the ability to provide comfort and security to those he cherished.

Taesha Bennett’s Life After King Von’s Passing

The passing of King Von marked a devastating chapter in Taesha’s life. Coping with the grief of losing a son, she became a symbol of strength, navigating through the emotional turmoil that follows such a profound loss.

In the public eye, Taesha’s appearance became a subject of speculation, particularly regarding plastic surgery. The discussions on social media, while a testament to her son’s fame, also underscore the challenges of maintaining privacy in the limelight.

Taesha, despite the public’s curiosity, chose to maintain a private existence. Steering clear of the spotlight, she focused on her remaining children and personal life, shielding herself from unnecessary scrutiny while preserving the sanctity of her family.

King Von Mom Net Worth

King Von mom, Taesha, found herself thrust into the public eye following the tragic passing of the renowned American singer and rapper earlier this year. While she may not be a household name in the entertainment industry, Taesha’s story resonates deeply with many, serving as an inspiration for single mothers navigating the challenges of life after divorce.

Despite not pursuing a high-profile career, Taesha is revered as a queen by her children and admired by those who admire her resilience in the face of adversity. Her days are filled with simple joys, from dressing herself with care to preparing meals for her remaining children, a testament to her unwavering dedication to family.

Though Taesha’s heart remains heavy with the loss of her beloved son, King Von, she carries on with strength and grace. However, her net worth remains undisclosed as she has not pursued a career that garners significant financial gain.

Social Media

In a world where social media often dominates, Taesha chooses to maintain a private life, eschewing the spotlight that comes with being the mother of a famous figure. She opts not to have official Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook accounts, preferring to focus on her family and personal well-being away from the public gaze. Despite her son’s fame, Taesha remains grounded and prioritizes privacy, cherishing the moments spent with her loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did King Von have any siblings?

Yes, King Von had three siblings and six half-siblings, shaping a complex yet interconnected family structure.

What was the significance of the song “Exposing Me” in King Von’s career?

“Exposing Me” became a pivotal track in King Von’s discography, offering a raw and unfiltered glimpse into his struggles and the realities of street life.

How did King Von cope with legal challenges at a young age?

Facing serious charges at the age of 16, King Von’s legal challenges became a transformative phase. The subsequent dropping of charges allowed him to redirect his focus towards a successful music career.

What was the impact of King Von’s generosity towards his mother?

King Von’s gifts of a new car and house symbolized not just material wealth but the fulfillment of his deepest desires – providing comfort and security to his family.

How is Taesha Bennett coping with the loss of King Von?

Taesha Bennett, despite public scrutiny, maintains a private life, focusing on her remaining children and navigating through the grief of losing her son.


In conclusion, Taesha Bennett emerges not just as the mother of a renowned rapper but as a symbol of strength and resilience. Her journey, marked by challenges, tragedy, and unwavering determination, serves as a testament to the power of a mother’s love.

King Von’s legacy extends beyond his music; it resides in the love he bestowed upon his family. His lasting impact, seen in the gestures of generosity and expressions of love, echoes through the lives of those he cherished the most.

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