Music Trend In USA 2023

Music is a form of entertainment, and it is an important part of the United States peoples lives for several years.Music is like an art and With the increasing demand of music it has become a major business industry, and most peoples want to know the trending music so they can make videos and upload it on social media, and enjoy the new trend. Music industry has become very popular in the United this article we will explore the trending songs of 2023 on tiktok and youtube.

  • original sound – itsvanburen by VAN BUREN
  • Con Silenciador (feat. Anuel AA) 
  • Si No Estás by IÑIGO QUINTERO
  • Halloween ・ cute horror song by PERITUNE
  • Water by Tyla by TYLA
  • Lollipop by DARELL
  • Confieso by KANY GARCÍA
  • Mal Hombre by KIM LOAIZA
  • Style (Taylor’s Version) by TAYLOR SWIFT
  • Greedy by TATE MCRAE
  • I can’t do this (Slowed + Reverb) by K3NT4!
  • Lil Mabu x ChriseanRock – MR. TAKE YA B*TCH (Official Music Video)
  • Taylor Swift – Is It Over Now? 
  • Tee Grizzley – Robbery 6 [Official Video]
  • Sabrina Carpenter – Feather (Official Video)
  • Dax – “To Be A Man” Remix (Feat. Darius Rucker) [Official Video]
  • 42 DUGG – Go Again (Official Video)
  • Taylor Swift – “Slut!” (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) (Lyric Video)
  • Fuerza Regida – EXCESOS [Video Oficial]
  • YTB Fatt- Let’s See (Official Video)

In the united states the overall music industry revenue of both physical and digital platform have been decreased with the success of spotify platform, in less than 10 years the revenue of music industry increase by millions of dollars. Every day a new song or an announcement of an upcoming song increase the curiosity of people who loves music.  

USA Music Market Revenue Overview 

Physical CD shipment from 2009 to 2022 in USA is 33.4mn ,total revenue of music from streaming is 84% , digital music album downloaded by usa audience is 23.9m and music streaming revenue is 13.3bn USD Dollars.

Live Music Concert Business Overview in USA 

Yearly Live nation entertainment concert revenue is 13.49bn USD,  revenue of music tour tickets sold in north america is 1.1m.the one most successful tour in north america is Bad bunny, the total live nation promoted festivals and concerts number is 43,644.

Digital Music Sales Revenue In USA

In the United states digital music earn total revenue of  13.76bn USD From subscription and streaming, However the track and album sales of digital music is 151.9m 20.2m respectively.Digital music earn 10.03bn USD from streaming only.

Music Companies Revenue 

Music release companies generate revenue of 6.13bn USD in the United states.moreover expense on music publish in the United states is 2.98bn usd. Total revenue of Warner music group is 5.9bn usd.universal music group get 1.8bn usd revenue on publishing music. 


Music industry has grown day by day because of the new trending songs. Anyone who is interested in music should be aware of the new trend so that they can cope with others.

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