Personalized T-shirts – Design Placements on the Back of the Shirt

A lot of people looking at personalized t-shirt printing options might consider just what is going on the front. Another option though is one of the popular positions on the back. While it is less visible than the front of the shirt it has its own value and there is more room for intricate images and logos. You can create a shirt with more substance by also having something on the back. Here are some considerations.

On the small upper back just below the collar

This placement is about 1 inch from the bottom of the collar and it an excellent option for branding and promotion. It can be placed there on its own or you could combine it with another back placement or a front placement. It is a great place to put your logo when having tshirt printing done. It is one of the smaller options so it needs to be something more simple but is still a place where something recognizable can be positioned. Usually, people create something that is between 1 inch wide 3 inches tall. Smaller designs than that lose their detail and impact.

Placing images on the upper back

The upper back is a medium-sized place where you can get creative with what you place. People place things here that they would place on the front chest location. It covers the shoulder blade and the width of the back means it is quite visible. Its position is about four inches below the collar. It is a good place at eye level so people behind the wearer can identify them or spot them in a crowd. For example, security staff or other types of employees that need to be noticed and identifiable. This place is often also used to promote an event, cause or business. It is preferred over the lower back because it is less likely to fold and crease and be hard to read. Usually, in personalized tshirt printing it is 10 to 14 inches wide and 1 to 6 inches tall.

Creating a full back design Shirt

As the name indicates this position takes up the whole of the back of the shirt and is another popular option with tshirt printing. The reverse tends to be easier to make sense of and more forgiving and flatter than the front so that is something to think about when you choose. It starts 3 to 4 inches from the collar and is 10 to 14 inches wide and 5 to 6 inches tall. It is rare for there to be only a full back design and no other designs in the shirt. More often it is combined with another one or two placements with a left chest, or a simple front, or something on the sleeve. The back is a chance to do something more detailed and it is a more versatile choice for those willing to get creative.


With the right choice in logo and design and also thinking about where they are being placed you can better achieve the goals you have.

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