Thavana Monalisa Fatu: A Journey of Legacy, Fashion, and Philanthropy

Boldly emerging from the vibrant city of San Francisco, Thavana Monalisa Fatu carries a legacy steeped in the world of professional wrestling. Born on June 29, 1983, Thavana, the only daughter of the renowned wrestler Rikishi (Solofa A. Fatu Jr.), has etched her path in the realms of modeling, fashion design, and charitable endeavors. This blog post delves into the fascinating life of Thavana Monalisa Fatu, celebrating her achievements, family legacy, and the impact she has made beyond the wrestling ring.

Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s roots in professional wrestling run deep, with her father, Rikishi, being a prominent figure in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). However, instead of following the conventional path of entering the wrestling arena, Thavana chose to explore her unique passions in the world of fashion and entertainment. Her decision reflects not only her independence but also her commitment to creative expression and carving out her identity beyond the wrestling family legacy.

Early Life and Family Background

Thavana Monalisa Fatu entered the world on June 29, 1983, bringing a new chapter to the illustrious Fatu family. Growing up in the lively city of San Francisco, she experienced the unique blend of Samoan heritage and American culture, laying the foundation for her multifaceted journey.

As the only daughter among five siblings, including wrestling sensations Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso, Thavana embraced her position in a family deeply rooted in professional wrestling. The influence of her father, Rikishi, and the wrestling legacy of the Fatu family created an environment where wrestling was not just a sport but a way of life.

Despite the wrestling heritage that shaped her upbringing, Thavana Monalisa Fatu chose to forge her path. Her decision to venture into the world of modeling showcased her courage to explore diverse avenues beyond the family’s wrestling legacy.

Thavana’s childhood was enriched by the presence of her grandparents, Vera and Solofa Fatu, who played a crucial role in shaping her early years. Fondly nicknamed Vana, she grew up in a supportive environment that fostered a sense of familiarity and warmth.

Education Journey

Thavana Monalisa’s educational journey began in the neighborhood’s elementary school, where she took her first steps in learning. The foundations of her education set the stage for a future marked by remarkable achievements and dedication.

Continuing her educational pursuits, Thavana attended Escambia High School in Pensacola. Here, she not only excelled academically but also started to explore her passions and aspirations, laying the groundwork for her future endeavors.

Thavana Monalisa’s commitment to education extended to higher studies at the University of West Alabama. Throughout her scholastic journey, she maintained a focus on excellence, setting herself apart through her unwavering determination and academic achievements.

Thavana’s dedication to her studies serves as a shining example. Her resolute focus and commitment to excellence showcase her as a role model, not only in her family but also in her academic pursuits. This commitment would later become a driving force in both her educational and professional endeavors.

Career Endeavors

As the eldest among her siblings, Thavana Monalisa Fearlessly carved her unique path in the world of modeling. Her decision to enter the fashion industry marked a significant departure from the wrestling world that had defined her family for generations.

Thavana’s journey into the fashion industry unfolded with grace and determination. Embracing her passion for fashion and modeling, she emerged as a distinctive figure in an entirely different realm. Her unique choices and aspirations set her apart, making her a trailblazer in the world of fashion.

Thavana Monalisa is a true Renaissance figure, excelling not only as a model but also as a fashion designer and song composer. Her multifaceted talents and unyielding dedication have propelled her to success in various creative endeavors, showcasing her ability to shape an extraordinary narrative.

In 2016, Thavana Monalisa Fatu introduced the world to her innovative fashion collection, “House of Fatu.” This collection, characterized by stylish and edgy designs, emphasizes femininity and originality for women of all sizes. Thavana’s foray into fashion design demonstrates her commitment to empowering women through her creative expression.

Thavana Monalisa’s Siblings

Thavana Monalisa holds a special place as the only sister among her four brothers, each carving their paths in various fields. Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso have risen to fame as prominent professional wrestlers, earning recognition and admiration for their performances inside the ring.

Joseph Fatu, known by his ring name Solo Sikora, has left his mark on WWE and NXT, achieving the honor of being the former NXT North American Champion. As a proud member of the esteemed Anoai family, known for its legacy in Samoan wrestling, Joseph adds to the heritage of his remarkable lineage.

Jeremiah Peniata, Thavana’s other brother, has embarked on a journey encompassing acting and business. While not sharing the same enthusiasm for professional wrestling, he has embraced his course, making notable strides in various fields. Jeremiah’s son, born on August 30, 1986, represents the forthcoming generation of their family, shaping a distinct path for himself.

Personal Life

In 2009, during their time at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Thavana Monalisa’s life took a beautiful turn as she met Michael Costello. Their connection was immediate, fueled by shared passions for fashion and creative expression.

By 2011, Thavana and Michael had taken the plunge into marriage, sealing their love story. The bustling Los Angeles Bay Area became their home, providing the backdrop for their journey as a dynamic power couple. Thavana’s status as Rikishi’s only daughter naturally endeared her to Michael’s heart, creating a bond that goes beyond the glitz and glamour of the fashion world.

Thavana Monalisa and Michael Costello are not only forces in the fashion world but also proud parents to two wonderful sons, Malik and Micah. The Los Angeles Bay Area witnesses their journey as a family, where fashion seamlessly intertwines with the joy of parenthood.

Thavana Monalisa’s Father: Rikishi

Solofa A. Fatu Jr., widely known as Rikishi, embarked on his wrestling journey on October 11, 1965. Rikishi’s impact on the world of professional wrestling spans two decades and is characterized by a unique blend of athleticism, charisma, and cheeky tactics.

Rikishi’s journey in professional wrestling earned him a place among the wrestling greats. Fans remember him not only for his athletic prowess but also for his captivating performances and the infamous Stinkface maneuver. His grand persona led to numerous championship titles, creating unforgettable moments within the WWE arena.

Rooted in his Samoan heritage, Rikishi’s influence extends beyond his wrestling career. As a wrestling coach and a renowned character, he continues to inspire generations of wrestlers. Rikishi’s contributions transcend entertainment, resonating with fans worldwide and cementing his status as a professional wrestling great.

Rikishi’s commitment to the wrestling community goes beyond his time in the ring. As a wrestling coach, he imparts his knowledge and passion to aspiring talents, contributing to the growth and development of the sport. His legacy as a coach adds a new dimension to his impact on the wrestling world.

Thavana Monalisa’s Mother: Talisa Fuavai-Fatu

Talisa Fuavai-Fatu shares a unique and profound connection with her well-known husband, Solofa Fatu Jr. Their journey together began on July 20, 1985, marking the commencement of their shared path. Talisa’s presence has been a constant source of support and love in the Fatu family.

Talisa Fuavai-Fatu plays a significant role as a homemaker, managing the intricate needs of her family with grace and dedication. Her innate talent for creating a warm and nurturing environment has woven her into the fabric of the Fatu household. Her sense of responsibility and passion enhances the lives of all who are lucky enough to be around her.

Net Worth and Family Legacy

While specific figures remain private, Rikishi’s estimated net worth is around $2 million. Wrestling has been the cornerstone of his earnings, reflecting a prosperous career and substantial contributions to the world of sports entertainment.

As Rikishi’s only daughter, Thavana Monalisa occupies a unique and cherished place in the wrestling family legacy. Her journey, intertwined with the success and legacy of her family, adds an intriguing layer to her narrative.

Thavana Monalisa’s Achievements and Contributions

Thavana Monalisa Fatu is not just a model; she is a luminary in the entertainment sector. Her transition from the wrestling world to the fashion industry showcased her resilience, creativity, and self-expression. Thavana’s impact on the fashion and entertainment industry is characterized by her unique identity and unwavering commitment to her passions.

Thavana Monalisa and Michael Costello are dedicated philanthropists, channeling their influence to make a positive impact. Their support for organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project and Make-A-Wish Foundation reflects a commitment to improving the lives of others. Thavana’s involvement with the Samoan Legacy Foundation, which awards scholarships to talented Samoans, highlights her desire to uplift her community.

Thavana Monalisa’s commitment to her Samoan heritage is evident in her support for the Samoan Legacy Foundation. By contributing to scholarships for talented Samoans, she actively participates in shaping the future of her community. Thavana’s generosity extends beyond the spotlight, leaving a constructive legacy for future generations.

Transition from Model to Designer

Thavana Monalisa’s journey in the entertainment industry is nothing short of remarkable. From the stunning scenery of Honolulu, Hawaii, she emerged as a model at the age of 14, captivating audiences in publications like Maxim, Esquire, and GQ. Her charisma and talent also graced the screens in various productions, including “The Marine 5: Battleground,” “The House,” “NCIS: Los Angeles,” and “Hawaii Five-0.”

Thavana Monalisa’s success as a model and media personality is a testament to her versatility and allure. Her 16-year-old portrayal of “Romeo and Juliet” remains a standout moment in her career, showcasing her modeling prowess and theatrical talents.

In 2016, Thavana Monalisa embarked on a new chapter by launching “House of Fatu,” her innovative fashion collection. This collection goes beyond traditional fashion boundaries, featuring stylish and edgy designs that celebrate femininity and originality for women of all sizes. Thavana’s venture into fashion design underscores her commitment to empowering women through creative expression and embracing their unique beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Thavana Monalisa Fatu?

Thavana Monalisa Fatu is a prominent figure known for her unique background in a family deeply rooted in professional wrestling. Born into the lineage of renowned wrestler Rikishi (Solofa A. Fatu Jr.), she has chosen to forge her path in the world of modeling and fashion design.

What is Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s career?

Thavana Monalisa Fatu is a multi-talented individual who has excelled in various creative fields. She is a fashion designer, song composer, and accomplished model. Her fashion collection, “House of Fatu,” showcases her unique and edgy designs for women of all sizes.

Who are Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s siblings?

Thavana is the only daughter among her four siblings. Her brothers include Jonathan and Joshua, also known as Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso in the wrestling world. Joseph Fatu, known as Solo Sikora, is a professional wrestler and former NXT North American Champion. Jeremiah Peniata has pursued acting and business endeavors.

How does Thavana Monalisa Fatu contribute to charity?

Thavana Monalisa Fatu and Michael Costello are charitable workers. They aid the Wounded Warrior Project and Make-A-Wish. Thavana also supports the Samoan Legacy Foundation, which gives talented Samoans scholarships.


In summary, Thavana Monalisa Fatu’s journey is a tapestry of resilience, creativity, and self-expression. Born into a wrestling family, she fearlessly forged her path, leaving an indelible mark in the worlds of fashion, modeling, and entertainment. Thavana’s achievements as a fashion designer, song composer, and philanthropist reflect her dedication to shaping an extraordinary narrative.

Key takeaways from Thavana’s life include her unwavering commitment to individualism and empowerment. Her legacy extends beyond the wrestling ring, inspiring people to follow their dreams and celebrate their unique stories. In a family of wrestling titans, Thavana Monalisa represents the power of embracing one’s passions and creating a legacy that transcends expectations.

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