Thesis and Dissertation Writing Guide for Students

An Effective Thesis and Dissertation Solution 

At the end of your final year of studying you will have to write a final research paper of great significance either thesis or dissertation. No matter how this type of paper is named, it still requires a lot of effort for researching, formatting, and proofreading. Some students do not like this type of assignment at all, especially if their educational future is at stake. Taking into account the importance of the paper many students prefer using Thesis writitg assitance at, which is the platform, which offers help with theses and dissertations. If you also want to have qualified writers by your side, you should better find out more details about the ThesisGeek platform.

Service Set 

The platform is useful for students who are close to graduation or need to write an extensive research paper. The platform offers various services such as:

  • Thesis writing: the platform offers services for writing theses from scratch. Professional writers can work with a wide range of theses types such as analytical or expository theses. They stick to the structure of the thesis and write it according to the guidelines you offer 
  • Dissertation writing: writing a thesis can be a pretty comprehensive process because dissertations can be 100 or even 200 pages. Therefore, experts devote a large amount of time and skills to tailor high-quality research and conclude its results.
  • Proposal: expert writers also write proposals either for dissertations or for theses. It includes a detailed plan of the research you are planning to conduct. The writers can come up with all the necessary parts such as hypothesis and methodology. All you need to do is provide the idea of your topic and say how they should develop it.
  • Editing: professional writers who work at ThesisGeek also provide editing services to include a complete review of your work for any content and grammar errors. After the writer notices some inconsistencies they correct them or fill in the gaps in your paper. Editing can also include revision of the corrections made by your professor.
  • Proofreading: you can also ask for proofreading services where writers will look through your work and check for the right format and citations. You can order such a service if you made the paper by yourself but simply want to make sure that there are no mistakes that are hard to notice. If you want to know more about the proofreading services you should follow the link and read the article.

These are the basic services provided by ThesisGeek writers. Additionally, we will tell you some information about the writers themselves: 

  • Expertise: the writers who are hired at the platform have been meticulously selected. They have expertise in different fields such as business, health care, or finances. The writers have degrees that prove their knowledge and skills. The person who writes your dissertation has many years of experience and knows how to write your paper in the best way.

Why Should I Choose this Service 

When students are looking for writing assistance they look for a number of features and ThesisGeek provides them all. Let’s look through all the rules the professionals stick to:

  • Meeting deadlines: delivering the papers on time is of the utmost importance for the writers. If you place an order only a writer who has enough time will proceed to work on it. When you are sharing the details of your order you need to set a specific deadline. Since then you can expect that the paper will be delivered by the due date or even earlier. There is no chance that the writers will delay the paper.
  • Writing original paper: the writer’s main rule is to never plagiarize papers. It includes never recycling the papers that have been written for other students who use the services of the platform, taking others’ ideas without rewriting them or mentioning the author, and copying something from the internet or someone else’s work. All the papers delivered are newly written works that were tailored specifically for you. The writers also take care of providing the customers with plagiarism reports, which usually include 0% of plagiarism. Additionally, you need to mention the formatting style for your paper and the writer will stick to your unique requirements. Go to this webpage if you want to find out more information about formatting styles.
  • Cooperate: the writers don’t mind constant communication with customers. You are free to get involved as much as you want. You can contact either customer support or directly the writer. The customer support manager can answer some general questions about the use of the website or about the progress of your order. On the other hand, the writer can answer questions that are directly connected to your paper or can take in mind your unique requests. You can also ask the writer to send you the work partially if you want to see how it progresses.
  • Reasonable prices: the writer doesn’t charge much for their writing services. Additionally, they even offer discounts depending on the size of the paper. As a member of the platform, you get points for all the money that you have spent. This is a pretty useful feature if you are planning to write academic papers in the future or you have a friend who is also close to graduation.

As you can see the writers at the ThesisGeek platform provide high-quality services for reasonable prices. Therefore, you should not hesitate to go to the web page and check it out.

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