Tips To Choose the Best Fancy Shears For Barbers


Numerous hair stylists own multiple pairs of scissors to perform various types of hair-cutting tasks. These include the simple ones as well as the fancy shears. But the important thing for the best barber kit for beginners is that your scissors must be comfortable to hold to reduce hand fatigue and the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury.  Don’t spend a lot of money on your first pair of scissors if you’re new to hairstyling or barbering. Because you’ll want to replace them rather soon as your technique and style advance. In this blog, we will explore the tips to choose the best fancy shears for barbering. 

Tips To Choose The Best Fancy Shears

Many barbers love to buy fancy shears, but the fact is that the scissors should be perfect for your work. Different aspects should be considered while buying the fancy shears for the best barber kit for beginners. 

  1. What size fancy shears will work best for me?

While some stylists like long scissors, others prefer short ones. It depends on the kind of cutting you’re doing to some extent. A scissor’s length is determined by measuring from the very tip of the blade to the furthest finger hole.  The finger rest is not included in it.

The tip of the fancy scissors should be in the last portion of your middle finger when you hold a pair of scissors in the palm of your hand to determine your perfect size. The finger hole should touch the base of your thumb.

  1. Which kind of blade works best for cutting hair?

The shears that are mostly present in the best barber kit for beginners include fancy shears with different types of blades. Beveled edge and convex are the two general categories of hair-cutting scissor blades. Whichever you decide on will rely on your financial situation, personal preferences, and professional stage.

  • Bevelled Edge

Because they are composed of several metals, beveled-edge blades are lightweight. The majority of European scissors, such as the Tri Dimension Classic, frequently have this design with micro serrations on one or both blades. When learning to cut hair, micro-serrated blades work great because they prevent the hair from sliding down the blade. 

  • Convex blades

Convex blades, also called “Japanese Style” blades, have the sharpest edge of any blade type and are frequently referred to as such. Because the inside of the blades of all convex-edged scissors is hollow ground, the cutting action is exceptionally smooth. Although they are suitable for all cutting methods, their extremely sharp edge makes them particularly useful for slicing. They work best for hairdressers with more experience. So most of the best barber kit for beginners don’t have these. 

  1.  What is the best kind of scissor handle?

While each type of handle design has its advantages for the best barber kit for beginners, the most crucial thing is to find a design that you find comfortable. Depending on your cutting style and hand shape, this will differ from stylist to stylist. Typical handle design types are as follows:

The basic design of the handles of the fancy shears is symmetrical and fairly straight, and it is called an even or level handle. 

  • Offset handles 

When cutting, one handle is longer than the other, allowing for a more comfortable hand position as well as a lower arm and elbow position. 

  • Crane Handle

Despite having a very straight top handle, it resembles the offset. This permits a lower elbow position once more.

There are also more sophisticated handle designs that allow your entire hand to rotate,   These can significantly lessen fatigue in the hands and arms.

  1. Do I need scissors made of molybdenum or cobalt?

The blades of many high-end scissors are made of steel that has been strengthened by the addition of other materials. Typically, softer steel is still used to make the handles of the fancy shears.

These additives include cobalt and molybdenum, which both give the metal more strength and flexibility. If properly maintained, a cobalt scissor should hold its sharpness for an extended period. the cobalt scissors for the best barber kit for beginners.

  1. What is the best type of screw system?

The fancy shears tension can be effectively adjusted with the flat or regular screw system found on many scissors, but doing so requires a screwdriver. Because it enables you to manually turn the tiny screw and adjust the tension as needed, many people prefer adjustable screws for this reason.


In conclusion, fancy shears are liked by professionals because of the variety of styles and designs. They are adorned in a way that feels amazing. In this blog, we have shared detailed tips for that purpose. If you follow these guidelines, you will choose the right fancy shears for your best barber kit for beginners. Choosing the right fancy shears, which work best for you is necessary. 

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