Understanding Paternity Testing: Uncovering the Truth

A paternity test is a gene analysis process through which the DNA of a child and potential father is analyzed to determine whether the father is the biological parent of the child or not. Each person’s DNA is different and unique from another. However, when a new life is formed, DNA from both parents comes together and contributes to a child’s genetic makeup. Hence, many apparent hereditary traits are inherited in the child. These traits might include physical appearance, personality traits, blood type, intellectual ability, and health factors. A paternity test is an authentic source to determine the relationship between a father and his child with 99 percent accuracy.  

Paternity test with FACE ITTM:

Although FACE ITTM specializes in Face DNA Testing, more conventional DNA testing is also entertained. Their advance package of taking paternity tests through a simple 3-step process of uploading pictures while staying in the comfort of your home. Utilizing a complicated algorithm called Electronic DNA Facial Point Connectivity (EDFPC). This revolutionary approach has been thoroughly designed to allow for accurate verification, identification, and comparative evaluation of distinct appearances between people, such as relationships between parents and children, sibling relationships, and grandparents and grandchildren. FACE ITTM combines two DNA Testing services using EDFPC’s groundbreaking expertise. This harmonic integration creates a once-in-a-lifetime chance for humans to transcend temporal barriers. It allows a fluid transition from the present to the mysterious future tapestry and acquires the results the same day

FACE ITTM provides a simple three-step procedure you may perform form the safety of your home. We treasure your valuable time, confidentiality, and ease, so we’ve made our Face DNA testing simple and feasible.

Process for Face Paternity Test:

Selecting A Plan 

Choose the customer service bundle that best fits your requirements and objectives. Select the basic or pro package for “Father’s Pic to Child.”. Moving through the payment plan, you can pay through different available options.

Uploading Photographs

Upon successful completion of your purchase, you will be able to post photographs straight from your PC or smartphone. These images will be stored in the designated areas of our system.

Receiving Result

Once your pictures have been uploaded, approve your request and unwind. After processing, you should receive your results at the e-mail address you provided within a day’s spam.

Traditional Paternity DNA Testing:

Where Face DNA testing is quite easy and non-invasive, focusing on analyzing facial traits to discover connections, conventional DNA testing, on the other hand, requires gathering biological specimens and analyzing DNA. It is extensively utilized for a variety of purposes, notably legal issues. For those looking for a more conventional method, FACE ITTM delivers DNA testing kits that can be bought and supplied straight to your home, assuring your privacy and higher precision in results.

Process of Paternity Conventional Test:

Sample collection:

Paternity tests require a DNA sample from the potential father and the child. This DNA specimen can be obtained by visiting FACE ITTM’s legal and non-legal offices or ordering a Home Paternity Kit. This DNA sample can be an oral swab, cheek swab, blood specimen, or tissue sample. 

Test Center Analysis:

The DNA specimens, once collected, are then taken or sent to a testing center, where the sample goes through several DNA analysis processes. These processes include DNA extraction, Specific gene identification, creating DNA profiles, comparing profiles, and quantitative analysis. A DNA specimen goes through the processes to calculate the probability level and determine similar genetic marks. 

Paternity Test Utilization 

Legal usage 

In legal disputes, paternity tests are essential judicial tools. These include cases concerning child support, custody, and inheritance disputes. In property and estate conflicts, legal officials and courts frequently depend on the scientific validity of these tests to ascertain the biological links essential for making well-informed judgments. Legal paternity tests must be rigorous and accurate to guarantee that justice is carried out and that the best intentions for children and families are maintained in light of legislation.

Non-legal usage. 

Non-legal paternity tests, like Loyalty checks, serve those more interested in learning about their biological bonds for private reasons over legitimate or statutory requirements. These tests offer a practical and easy way to find genetic links discreetly and harmlessly. More specifically, the Loyalty check allows users to look into their family relationships, which promotes a deep and improved understanding of their partners and children. 

Regarding paternity testing, FACE ITTM is leading the way with cutting-edge methods for determining the real dynamics inside families. They offer peace of mind with their ground-breaking Face DNA Testing service and dedication to client satisfaction. FACE ITTM enables people to investigate their genetic ancestry and background, enhancing the comprehension of one’s particular narrative, whether proving a biological link or exploring the complex web of familial relationships. FACE ITTM is a dependable and cutting-edge partner in pursuing knowledge and understanding, overcoming the divide separating technology and interpersonal relationships, and strengthening the ties that unite us.

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