10 Warm Places in Europe in March for the Perfect Holidays

Spring lands in Europe in March, giving various regions the perfect sun. But you must know that not all Europe gets sunny and warm in March. While the northern region of Europe is still snowy, the southern region starts getting the optimal amount of sun and hot weather. So, if you want to have a sunny escape this March, you must know about the warm places in Europe in March for the perfect holidays. 

So, to have the perfect beach holidays this March in Europe, you can travel to any coastal region. You will get enough sun and the most heavenly beaches here.  You will also have many other options for an exciting city escape. Many European areas are known for excellent sightseeing opportunities and display the city hustle. So, if you are confused about the destination for your March holidays from UK, this is the perfect guide. 

10 Warm Places in Europe to Visit in March

  1. The Canary Islands 

If you want to experience the warmth of the Canary Islands without the scorching temperatures, plan a visit in March. Also, this is a time when fewer tourists visit the region. So, this is the perfect opportunity for you to experience the glorious beaches and volcanic scenery of the Canary Islands. All seven islands of this archipelago are known for getting bright sun all year round. So, no matter when you visit, you must dream of warm beach holidays here. 

Moreover, the Canary Islands offer a wide range of cultural sightseeing opportunities. Also, you can indulge in countless thrilling activities like hiking, paragliding, windsurfing, and much more. You will also get a chance to treat yourself to the delicious local cuisine of the islands. 

  1. The Algarve, Portugal

Many tourists refer to this region of Portugal as the secret of Europe for all the right reasons. The Algarve is home to many heavenly beaches and the stunning Atlantic Ocean. You can participate in numerous activities while you are in the region. This is what makes it the perfect destination. You get the ideal dose of nature, history, and culture. In addition to the most spectacular natural sites, the Algarve also has many historical landmarks.

This is good news for golf lovers who plan to visit this region. The Algarve has some world-class golf courses that you can explore. 

  1. Malaga, Spain

Are you looking forward to exploring stunning architecture and art museums in spring? In that case, plan your holidays in Malaga, Spain. Also, Malaga is famous because of its association with Pablo Picasso, the world-famous painter. So, visit the Picasso Museum while you are in the region. 

In addition to countless exciting museums and galleries, Malaga also has buzzing beaches and family-friendly seafronts. This is what makes it perfect for your family holidays this spring. 

  1. Lisbon, Portugal 

Who doesn’t like a holiday destination with a delicate balance of historic charm and heavenly beaches? If you want such an unforgettable experience this March, you should plan your holidays in Lisbon. This city has some of the most beautiful and worth-visiting beaches on the continent. You will find stunning swimming lagoons here and exhilarating surfing spots. 

Also, you can walk around the city to witness its spectacular architecture and historical centres that fascinate everyone. The food here will also leave a prominent mark on your taste buds. 

  1. Barcelona, Spain

You might have heard about Barcelona as one of Spain’s most fascinating tourist destinations. Barcelona is a paradise for food and culture lovers. You will get countless sightseeing opportunities here with the historic buildings and stunning architecture. While in Barcelona, you must attend some of the festivals and experience the city’s vibrant nightlife. 

  1. Malta

If you have always wanted to visit Malta, there is no better time than this March. In March, you will see Malta in all its natural glory and serene environment. You get the perfect beaches here and deep blue lagoons where you can make all your dreams for watersports and beach days come true. 

Also, you should not miss the chance to experience the delicious Maltese cuisine. Also, history resonates from every corner of Malta. So, make sure to take your time and explore it. 

  1. Athens, Greece

Do you want a culturally immersive and history-exploring holiday this season? If so, Athens, Greece, is a great option to visit this March. The temperature is quite warm and pleasant here. You can sunbathe on the beaches, but most people visit this capital city of Greece for its charming history. 

It has been the heart of one of the most influential civilisations in the world. Therefore, you will find ancient historical sites and ruins everywhere. 

  1. Sicily, Italy

Sicily, Italy, is not too hot in March but has pleasant temperatures. The beginning of spring in the region makes everything bloom. Also, you get the most glorious beaches. But the city is known for having the largest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna, which fascinates tourists. Also, Sicilian flavours will instantly make you love the region’s cuisine. 

  1. Monaco

Even though Monaco is a small, independent city, it is known as the land of the rich. It is a popular holiday destination among the celebrities. The incredible wealth and luxury of Monaco attracts many tourists every year. There are some artificial beaches in the region that you can explore if you plan a trip to Monaco.

  1. Palermo, Italy

Another Italian region that you can consider visiting in March is Palermo. March marks the shoulder season of the destination, which will enable you to have budget-friendly holidays. The city is upbeat, with enough historic sites and natural beauty to intrigue the tourists. 

Final Words

March is a great month to plan family and couple holidays around Europe. There are many warm places in Europe in March for the perfect holidays. As many regions of the continent welcome spring in March, you can experience warm climates and pleasant weather conditions in many parts of Europe. Still, choose the destination that will fit your requirements perfectly and give you the most unforgettable holiday experience. 

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