6 Tips to Protect Your Car’s Engine

 A car’s engine is its heart; if it doesn’t work, you won’t get anywhere. With proper maintenance, you can prevent overheating, stalling, and other engine problems. While an engine may look like a single component, it’s composed of hundreds of moving parts—all of which must work together. Here, we offer six tips to keep your engine running and your car on the road for the long haul. 

Keep it Clean

Your engine takes care of you, and you should return the favor by removing grime, dust, and dirt that affects performance. With time, these contaminants can block air and oil filters. A greasy engine will retain heat, increasing the risk of overheating. While assembly methods offer some protection, the best way to protect your engine is to clean it regularly. Schedule engine cleaning and auto repair in McKinney, TX today!

Tune It Up

Regular spark plug cleaning and changing will keep dirt and dust out of the engine’s combustion chamber. Our technicians will remove plug wires, clean the areas around them, remove plugs, and use special tools to remove built-up dirt. It’s a simple job, but it does much to improve engine performance.

Lubricate It Properly

Automotive engines have thousands of moving parts, most of which must be lubricated to prevent damage. Heat- and friction-related damage can be irreversible, resulting in costly repairs and engine replacement. Our team will ensure that your piston rings, cylinder walls, and crankshaft are well-lubricated to reduce the risk of engine failure.

Maintain the Cooling System

Automotive cooling systems keep engines running smoothly, circulating coolant to disperse heat and prevent damage. Coolant breaks down with time, gradually becoming less effective. Prevent overheating and engine damage by checking the coolant level and quality regularly and inspecting the radiator, clamps, and hoses for leaks.

Change the Oil

It’s a simple task, but many drivers delay it until it is too late. Oil changes make a significant difference in engine performance and longevity. Engine oil gradually gets thick, cloudy, and sticky, which keeps it from lubricating parts that need it. While manufacturers’ recommended intervals differ, regular oil checks and changes will keep your engine in peak condition.

Prevent Damage with Regular Engine Maintenance

Engine issues may appear suddenly, and they don’t go away without help. The longer a problem goes unresolved, the greater the risk of irreparable damage. Don’t turn a simple fix into an expensive engine replacement; save money, time, and hassle by scheduling maintenance with us.

Take Care of Your Engine and It Will Take Care of You

Although modern engines are built for durability and longevity, they still need regular care. We put customer safety first, and that’s why we provide top-quality engine maintenance services. From oil changes and tune-ups to coolant flushes and engine cleaning, we know what it takes to keep vehicles running. Follow these tips to keep your vehicle in top condition and contact our team to learn how we can help you stay on the road.

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