Google Pixel 7 Pro Full Specifications

In this article, we are going to discuss the top phone for Android, the Google Pixel 7 Pro. Android users will be very happy to see this mobile phone. This is the best device you can find in any Android market. This is the Pro version of the Pixel 7 series. To be honest, according to the price category, the Pixel 7 is the best from its pro version. But this device comes with complete features. Pixel 7 Pro is a top-of-a-line smartphone. 


First, you get the device Google Pixel 7 Pro in the box. A SIM ejector tool is given and then paperwork is available in it. In this box, you will get the converter that is used for data transfer. This mobile phone supports Type-C to Type-C chargers. And you will get to see this cable in its box. The main thing is that this device can support the standard of power delivery. 

The look of this phone is great. It looks like its previous model. Anybody can identify this phone because of its unique design. You know that Google makes Androids. This means that the software of Android is made by Google. And in this, its hardware and software are made by Google. In the last generation of this phone, the amazing thing is that the processor is also designed by Google. 

Google Pixel 7 Pro Design

On this top, you will get to see the Antina. The volume keys and power buttons are given on the right side. Its sides are made of Metal. On the left side, you will see the SIM Ejector PIN. The triple camera setup is available on its back. 

The front camera of this phone comes with a veered camera of 10.8 Megapixels.  Face ID is also provided in this device. You will obtain the fingerprint scanner. If we compare this phone with the flagship then its fingerprint scanner is a little bit slow. But it is very reliable. You will not face an issue of reliability. The time of the fingerprint scanning is different from others. There is a tensor G2 fit in it. 

AnTuTu Score 

We checked its AnTuTu score. It is above 7 lakhs. The main capability of this phone is software optimization. Because the hardware and software are created by Google you will get to see a lot of features. You will get to see many optimizations that are not provided in other phones. 

Google Pixel 7 Pro Camera 

When you click a photo with its camera you will see that it changes the colors after clicking the image. The process starts after clicking the photo. The camera of this phone is better than other phones. Even its camera provides better results than the iPhone. It will give you a natural skin tone and colors. If you want to click a photo, then it is one of the best mobile phones.

It has a 50-megapixel camera setup on its back. Besides that, there is an ultrawide angle provided in it that consists of 12 Megapixels. 48 Megapixels 5X optical zoom is also given on its back. It has a 0.5x ultra wide angle camera. In this device, you will get to see all the features that you expect from a high-end camera. The night shift camera is always one of the best cameras. Now other companies also provide nightshift cameras. But no one can beat this Google Pixel device. 

Gaming Performance 

Now we are going to discuss its gaming performance. You can play games very smoothly on this phone. But you can get the best gaming phones at low prices. It will provide you with the HDR settings in PUBG. If you get the device just for gaming, then it is not for you.   

When you go to the side of the display quality of this device. According to Android, this is the best but if we compare this phone with iPhone then iPhone is the best. You will not face any issues in day-to-day usage. Pixel devices are devices in which Android’s world’s first update comes. Because this device is made by Google. Seriously you will get the beta first on Google Pixel devices. And the software support on this mobile is for the long term. 

Google Pixel 7 Pro Display

The display of this phone is 1500 Nits. Google Pixel 7 Pro has a 6.7-inch large display. Quad HD+ display is given. The sides of this smartphone are curved. Because of these edges, it looks very stunning. In this mobile LTP AMOLED display is used. It means you can shift this display from 10 Hz to 120 Hz. The battery backup of this phone provided you with a very outstanding. This device supports a single SIM slot. And it can allow you to use an E SIM card. Google Pixel 7 Pro is an amazing device. If you are an Android user, then this phone is the best option for you.

Google Pixel 7 Pro International Price List

Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in IndiaRs 73, 718
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in CanadaCAD $1,169
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in MalaysiaRM 4,046
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in Nepal112,375 NPR
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in Philippine49,445 Philippines Peso PHP
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in QatarQR 3,272
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in Saudi ArabiaSR 3,371
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in UAEAED 3,299
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in UK719 Pound Sterling
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in USA$ 899
Google Pixel 7 Pro Price in China6,293 renminbi

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