The Benefits of Applying AI to Video Marketing

Video Marketing is emerging as a premier means of marketing in recent days. Businesses, brands, and marketers are actively leveraging new tricks to advertise their offerings and products through catchy and informational videos. 

A recently conducted survey pointed out the fact people are spending around 90 minutes every day on their smartphones, which equates to around 23 days a year.

This calls for an increased emphasis on video marketing by large corporations as well as SMEs. Videos are a reliable means of delivering the intended message effectively and propelling a significant brand recall. 

When compared to other media formats such as text or images, videos tend to have an enormous impact on building high-quality targeted traffic and driving conversions.

Developing effective video content is crucial to ensure a lasting impact on the success of your marketing strategy. This is where AI comes in, and video marketers leverage its potential to identify customer interest and facilitate seamless video creation. 

Having the right strategy for leveraging videos has become very important, and if done correctly, can prove to be a pivoting point in the success of your marketing campaign. 

The AI-derived insights can help in creating impactful videos and guarantee an increased ROI on your production investments. This article will examine how artificial intelligence (AI) is affecting the field of video marketing and how it can help you achieve your content production objectives.

Benefits of Leveraging AI in Video Marketing

Videos are certainly here to stay, and statistics suggest that nearly 74% of global web traffic can be attributed to videos. Due to the advancements in the mobile technology domain and the deeper penetration of the internet in developing nations, this metric is poised to reach 82% in 2023. 

AI and user data analytics enable a higher level of efficiency and enhanced performance of your marketing strategy. Here are a few benefits that SMEs can entail by leveraging AI in their video creation pipeline.

1. AI facilitates targeted video production

Cutting-edge AI-based video creation tools have greatly streamlined video production. With user analytics available at the tap of a button, SMEs can now enjoy a higher cost and time efficiency in their video creation techniques. 

AI can help SMEs pinpoint the exact user information that is not only relevant but also enables seamless conversions. Today, many AI-driven tools provide video templates that can simplify your video creation aspirations even further.

2. AI enables a higher video reach

Statistics suggest that around 5 million YouTube videos are watched every day. People watch videos not only for fun but also for gaining knowledge. Search engine algorithms, too, favor websites that have an embedded video on their target page. 

This enhances the reach of your content to the masses and enhances the number of eyeballs that your brand or service garners.

AI and ML have opened up the doors to effective suggestions that are highly relevant to the users. This is accomplished by utilizing an analysis of the users’ search and viewing histories to propose videos that are pertinent to them.

Having a constant stream of relevant videos supplied to the viewer is a great means to build and retain audience interest.

3. AI assists in promoting pertinent video content

A recently conducted survey concluded that nearly 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook alone. Remember, we are talking about only a single-day video view on a single platform. 

AI-driven data analytics can help enormously in analyzing and evaluating user data sourced from social media platforms and can provide constructive video creation directives.

AI analytics are very helpful in identifying the type of content that your audience likes. In fact, when you are even streaming a live video, AI can tap into real-time viewer analytics and can provide metrics such as audience demographics, age metrics, as well as their likes and dislikes.

4. Get real-time video updates

Brands and marketers are able to acquire real-time feedback and updates on their videos because of AI’s sheer adaptability. Since we already get relevant viewer metrics, the possibility of serving a good viewer experience is highly supplemented.

No one wants a social media catastrophe that is simply the result of inappropriate video content. 

AI can help in delivering socially and culturally acceptable video content ideas by leveraging user data analytics. Moreover, an AI-driven video creation platform is exceptionally helpful even for making small video tweaks.

5. AI enhances the video personalization level

Everybody likes content that is tailored exactly to their expectations. AI has brought in a plethora of content creation & specifically video creation options that can be leveraged to push out high-quality personalized videos that meet the viewers’ expectations precisely. 

AI provides suggestions to video creators by assessing their audience’s search history, social interactions, and likes & dislikes. 

This AI integration in the video creation space has opened up new avenues for targeted video personalization and enormously enhances the relevancy of videos for viewers.

Wrapping Up

AI has certainly helped in ramping up the video creation techniques that were previously only available to large corporations that dealt with hordes of user data. 

Today, you can use any AI-driven tools such as a free AI video generator to churn out useful content that is highly revered by your audience and is genuinely informational and relevant to the viewers. 

In this new era of targeted video advertising, AI and ML are certainly playing a major role in driving sales and conversions for businesses. 

Due to the pioneering of these latest AI-driven video marketing techniques, crude mass audience marketing techniques have surely become a thing of the distant past.

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