Tonya Hartwell (Edgerton Hartwell’s Wife) Biography, Age, Net Worth, & More

Who is Tonya Hartwell?

American entrepreneur Tonya Hartwell is well-known for being Edgerton Hartwell Jr‘s third wife. Her husband is a well-known linebacker in American football who has played for illustrious NFL squads like the Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders, Las Vegas Locomotives, and Cincinnati Bengals. Additionally, Tonya is a stunning actress and model who has a sizable following on Instagram.

Tonya Hartwell Biography

Tonya Hartwell Biography

Tonya Hartwell is a well-known person in America, best known as the spouse of professional American football linebacker Edgerton Hartwell. Sevynn Else Hartwell, a girl, was born into their family in 2018.

Tonya has a daughter named Cylah from a previous marriage in addition to their joint kid. Edgerton also has two other kids: a girl named Ella Grace Hartwell and a son named Edgerton Hartwell Jr. Edgerton has been married to two women: Lisa Wu from 2006 to 2011 and Keshia Knight Pulliam from 2016 to 2018.

NameTonya Hartwell
Nick NameTonya
Date of Birth (Birthday)April 22, 1986
RelationshipMarried to Edgerton Hartwell
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Zodiac SignUnknown
HairColor Dark Brown
EyeColor Black
HusbandEdgerton Hartwell
Keshia Knight Pulliam
DaughterFirst Married: Cylah
Second Married: Edgerton Hartwell Jr, Ella Grace Hartwell
Famous ForWife of Edgerton Hartwell

Tonya Hartwell Early Life

Tonya Hartwell is a well-known person in America, best known as the spouse of professional American football linebacker Edgerton Hartwell. Sevynn Else Hartwell, a girl, was born into their family in 2018.
Tonya has a daughter named Cylah from a previous marriage in addition to their joint kid. Edgerton also has two other kids: a girl named Ella Grace Hartwell and a son named Edgerton Hartwell Jr. Edgerton has been married to two women: Lisa Wu from 2006 to 2011 and Keshia Knight Pulliam from 2016 to 2018.

Tonya Hartwell Career

Tonya Hartwell wasted little time in starting her career after completing her education. She honed her abilities and expanded her knowledge in a private business. Tonya made the decision to get into entrepreneurship as a result of her expanding knowledge.

Tonya opened a clothing and fashion store using her love of fashion as inspiration. Through this initiative, she was able to create and provide consumers with a distinctive range of modern and fashionable clothing. The store quickly became a favorite among fashionistas.

Tonya Hartwell Career

Tonya increased her business endeavors and created a gift shop as a result of her success. Customers were offered a wide selection of thoughtfully picked gifts for a variety of occasions by this new business. Tonya’s gift shop developed into a one-stop location for locating thoughtful and memorable presents for all occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and special events.

Tonya’s business drive didn’t end there; it also inspired her to create a jewelry store. She had a keen eye for style and craftsmanship and produced a stunning selection of jewelry to suit various tastes. Tonya’s jewelry store provides a variety of options for adorning oneself or surprising loved ones with wonderful accessories, from delicate necklaces to sparkling earrings.

Tonya established numerous prosperous businesses in the fashion, gifting, and jewelry sectors through her tenacity, devotion, and entrepreneurial drive. Her foray into entrepreneurship serves as an example to others who wish to turn their interests into successful businesses.

Tonya Hartwell Personal Life

Tonya Hartwell, a notable American entrepreneur, is recognized for her association as the third wife of Edgerton Hartwell, a renowned NFL linebacker. With a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, she is not only an entrepreneur but also an accomplished actress and model. Tonya’s personal life is intertwined with Edgerton’s, with the couple welcoming a daughter named Sevynn Else Hartwell in 2018. Alongside their shared child, Tonya brings a daughter named Cylah from a previous marriage, while Edgerton has two other children, Ella Grace Hartwell, and Edgerton Hartwell Jr., from his previous relationships. Edgerton was previously married to Lisa Wu and Keshia Knight Pulliam.

Tonya’s diverse career trajectory is marked by her entrepreneurial spirit. She embarked on her business journey after completing her education, venturing into the fashion industry with a clothing and fashion store that quickly gained popularity. Her success prompted her to establish a gift shop and a jewelry store, catering to various consumer preferences. With a keen eye for style and a knack for selecting thoughtful gifts, Tonya’s businesses flourished under her dedicated leadership. Her entrepreneurial journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking to transform their passions into thriving ventures. In the backdrop of her business accomplishments, Tonya’s personal life remains intertwined with her family’s dynamics and her partner’s professional legacy.

Tonya Hartwell Age, Height, Weight & Body Measurement

AgeApril 22, 1986 (37 Years)
Height5 Feet And 7 Inches

Tonya Hartwell Family

Tonya Hartwell was raised in an American family that is Christian. She matured alongside Joey, her sister. Her parents’ names are still a mystery, unfortunately. You may be sure that we’ll update the website whenever we find out more information about her family.

Even though we don’t know a lot about Tonya’s family, it’s always interesting to learn about their influences and ancestry. We will make an effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information about Tonya’s family on our platform as more information becomes available.

Tonya Hartwell Education

Tonya Hartwell started displaying outstanding achievement at a young age and maintained good grades throughout her academic career. She entered high school at age 16.

Tonya obtained a bachelor’s degree after finishing high school. She concentrated on her academics and graduated from a public university in the US. The data provided doesn’t identify the precise major or field of study she chose.

Tonya’s dedication to her education and her academic success demonstrates her tenacity and the importance she places on learning. Her successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree represents a noteworthy accomplishment and reflects her commitment and effort in seeking higher education.

Tonya Hartwell Instagram

Tonya Hartwell Instagram

The authenticity of Tonya Hartwell’s Instagram account is seriously in doubt. When looking for her, you might stumble across an Instagram account with her name. However, it only has approximately 310 followers and focuses mainly on posting about fashion and other unrelated issues. She describes herself as a small business owner who enjoys selling clothing at a set price in her bio. She claims to be a celebrity’s wife as well. The legitimacy of this Instagram account cannot be verified.

Other social media profiles connected to Tonya Hartwell are presently being looked into to get more information. This will make her online presence more clear and shed more light on her social media usage and hobbies. Using social media requires caution because not all profiles are genuine or accurately represent the person.

InstagramClick Here

Which University Did Tonya Hartwell Attend?

Due to the lack of information surrounding Tonya Hartwell’s birthdate and birthplace, determining the precise location of her university is difficult. According to the information provided, Tonya completed her primary schooling at nearby schools.

Tonya decided to continue her studies after completing her primary education, so she departed for her nation’s capital. Her higher education was undertaken in this nation’s capital. She attended a university, the name of which is unclear, but according to a number of media reports, she majored in finance.

Tonya’s interest in the financial, economic, and related fields is demonstrated by her status as a finance undergraduate. Her choice of study reveals her propensity for comprehending and handling money-related issues.

Although there is little data available regarding Tonya Hartwell’s school background, her pursuit of a degree in finance shows her dedication to studying and growing her skills in this sector.

Tonya Hartwell’s Current Relationship

About Tonya Hartwell’s relationships and dating history, a lot of people are interested. However, I’d want to point out that Tonya Hartwell and her partner still have a solid friendship as of right now.

It’s encouraging to hear that Tonya Hartwell and her partner don’t have any disagreements or problems, according to recent reports. Respect and passion are the foundation of their relationship. Their respect and appreciation for one another strengthen their relationship.

It gives me hope that Tonya Hartwell and her partner have a strong, harmonious relationship, which is a sign of a happy, successful marriage.

Edgerton And Tonya Hartwell Relationship Updates!

Since February of this year, Tonya Hartwell and her husband, Edgerton Hartwell, have been living a happy and contented married life. Sevynn Else was the couple’s first child, and they recently had the joy of bringing her into the world. The celebration of their daughter’s first birthday was wonderful.

Edgerton Hartwell also has an older kid named Ella Grace Hartwell, who was born in January 2017, from a prior relationship, in addition to their new daughter. Edgerton requested a reduction in the judge’s monthly child support order of $3,000.00. He asked for it since his ex-wife, who had roles in “House of Payne” and “The Cosby Show,” is well-paid. He feels that a lower amount would be more acceptable and fair for supporting their child given her salary.

This case serves as a reminder of the difficulties that might develop in blended families when it comes to child support and financial obligations. Edgerton’s request demonstrates his conviction that his ex-wife’s salary can support their child without needing a large contribution from him. What is best for the child will be decided after a situational analysis by the court.

Tonya Hartwell Past Relation

Edgerton Hartwell has allegedly been unfaithful to both his present wife, Tonya Hartwell, and his former wife, “Cosby Show” actress Keshia Knight-Pulliam.

Edgerton’s divorce and custody battle with his ex-wife were contentious. After dating for four months, they got engaged on New Year’s Eve, two weeks before their 2016 wedding.

Sadly, after barely two months of marriage, Edgerton filed for divorce from Keshia Knight-Pulliam, ending their happy union.

Edgerton previously wed Lisa Wu-Hartwell, a former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member, before being hitched to Keshia. Their son is 11 years old.

Is Tonya Hartwell Get Famous Because Of Edgerton Hartwell?

Tonya Hartwell had a little web profile before she wed Ed Hartwell. Her educational background and family history are not immediately known. Tonya rose to fame as a well-known celebrity wife thanks to her relationship with football player and well-known celebrity Ed Hartwell.

Although it is unclear how much Tonya’s husband’s notoriety influences her own public image, Tonya’s exposure and popularity have unquestionably increased as a result of their union.

The dynamics of having a famous spouse might change, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the precise effects of Tonya’s husband’s fame on her own reputation and how she is perceived by the general public. But it’s clear that the public has been interested in her because of her connection to Ed Hartwell.

Who is Tonya Hartwell’s Husband Edgerton Hartwell?

Edgerton Hartwell

Edgerton “Ed” Hartwell II, a former linebacker in American football, was born on May 27, 1978. He played collegiate football at Western Illinois before being selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the fourth round of the 2001 NFL Draft. Hartwell’s teams included the Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders, and Las Vegas Locomotives.

Hartwell was born in Las Vegas. He earned letters in football, basketball, and track at Cheyenne High School in North Las Vegas. He was a football player who was both All-City and All-State.

For Western Illinois University, Hartwell participated in collegiate football. He was a four-year starter and a three-time Missouri Valley Football Conference All-Star linebacker. He was named the MVFC Defensive Player of the Year in 2000.

Baltimore Ravens selected Hartwell with the fourth overall pick in 2001. He was a Ravens player from 2001 until 2004. He never missed a game despite being limited to special teams in 2001. He finished with 337 tackles, six sacks, and one interception for the Ravens.

In 2005, the Atlanta Falcons acquired Hartwell. Two-year player for the Falcons. In 2005, he made 16 starts and recorded 100 tackles in addition to one sack. He had 95 tackles and two sacks in 2006 while starting 15 games.

In 2007, the Cincinnati Bengals acquired Hartwell. He was a Bengals player for three seasons. 2007 saw 100 tackles and one sack. He had 95 tackles and two sacks in 2008 while starting 15 games. In 14 games in 2009, he recorded 90 tackles and two sacks.

In 2010, Hartwell signed on with the Oakland Raiders. He spent one season on the Raiders’ roster. He made 85 tackles and one sack while starting 14 games.

2011 saw Hartwell sign with the Las Vegas Locomotives of the United Football League. He was a Locomotives player for a single season. He made 75 tackles and one sack while starting 10 games.

Hartwell left the field of professional football in 2012. He has worked as a TV sports analyst ever since.

Do Tonya Hartwell And Ed Hartwell Have A Child Together?


The well-known American footballer and Tonya allegedly had a romance between 2013 and 2014. They stayed together and kept dating. Tonya shared the joyful news on Instagram in 2015. She told her admirers that year that she would wed the well-known footballer.

Tonya and Ed Hartwell welcomed their first child, Sevynn Elise Hartwell, three years into their marriage. It’s important to note that before being married, both Tonya and Ed had children from prior marriages. Tonya only had one child, while Ed had two. Tonya is renowned for showing Ed’s other children love and care.

Their path from dating to marriage and growing their family is illustrated through the specifics of their relationship and family dynamic. Tonya has accepted her role as a mother to Ed’s children despite their unique situations, displaying her dedication to providing a caring and nurturing environment for their blended family.

Tonya Hartwell Net Worth

Tonya Hartwell Net Worth

As a famous person, Tonya’s followers frequently inquire about her fortune and financial situation. Tonya has nevertheless kept her income and financial information hidden up until this point.

Our research and reliable sources place Tonya’s net worth at $500k USD. Remember that this is only a guess.

Tonya’s multiple business ventures are her main source of income. Her profitable businesses, including her apparel and fashion store, gift shop, and jewelry store, probably help her maintain her financial security and amass money.

Despite Tonya’s decision to withhold her income from the public eye, this estimate gives some perspective on her financial situation. When it comes to her personal finances, you must respect her privacy because various people choose to share this information in different ways.

Tonya Hartwell’s Favorite Things

Favorite ColorBlue
Favorite ActorTom Hardy
Favorite SportspersonSerena Williams
Favorite SportsTennis
Favorite DestinationSwitzerland
Favorite ActressJennifer Lawrence

Some Interesting Facts About Tonya Hartwell

  • Tonya Hartwell is an American National of African-American ethnicity.
  • She went to the prestigious schools to complete her education.
  • In her career, she has suffered a lot but always comes up with better ideas to become much more successful. Currently, she is a successful businessman.
  • She gets married to Edgerton Hartwell. Together they are going strong and living a very healthy and good life. She is also the biggest supporter of her husband.
  • She has one daughter with her named Sevynn Elise Hartwell.
  • Football is her favorite sport.
  • She owns pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tonya Hartwell?

Tonya Hartwell is a model and businesswoman from the United States. She is best known for being the spouse of former professional American football linebacker Edgerton Hartwell.

How old is Tonya Hartwell?

Tonya Hartwell was born on 22 April 1986. She is 37 years old.

What is the height and weight of Tonya Hartwell?

Tonya Hartwell is of average height at “5 feet 7 inches”. Tonya Hartwell’s weight, which is in the healthy range at about 66 kg, is regarded to be average.

Does she have a husband?

Yes, his name is Edgerton Hartwell a football player.

What does she do for a living?

She is a businesswoman who is married to a successful football player and making a great living. She has a net worth of $500k.

Where is Tonya Hartwell now?

As of now, she is living a very good lifestyle with her husband in Miami, Florida.


Tonya, Edgerton Hartwell’s wife, is well-known. She is well known for her fashion, gifting, and jewelry businesses. Tonya makes money from her apparel, gift, and jewelry stores. Sevynn Else Hartwell, the daughter of Tonya and Edgerton, is mixed race. Edgerton and Tonya’s children are Ella Grace Hartwell and Edgerton Jr., while Tonya has a daughter named Cylah from a previous union. Edgerton’s request to lower his ex-wife’s child support demonstrates the challenges facing his blended family. Tonya’s husband gave her notoriety. Tonya’s accomplishments ought to be commended. The unnamed bachelor’s degree Tonya holds demonstrates her love of learning. Her union is respected. Tonya and Edgerton have put a lot of effort into raising their kids in spite of Edgerton’s ex-wife’s adultery. The corporation is where Tonya’s net worth of $500,000 originates from. She wants to keep her finances private. Sources dated 2021 may not be accurate. The success and privacy of public figures are essential. Edgerton Hartwell’s wife Tonya is a prosperous businesswoman in the fashion, gifting, and jewelry industries. She is a remarkable individual because of her commercial profession, dedication to her family, personal development, and education.

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